Discipline Yourself for Prosperity


Discipline Yourself for Prosperity

-Bisi Adewale

As a couple, discipline is not negotiable if you must have financial independence, just learn how to postpone pleasure and gratification and put the money into a better use thereby employing the money.


v  If you can’t postpone pleasure, you should be prepared for pain.

v  If you don’t care for your money when you are young, your money will not cater for you when you old

v  If you live without discipline, money can never be your disciple.

v  If you spend to show-off, you may not show-up among your mate in the latter days.

v  If you have no discipline, you have no future.

v  Money is no friend of any man; it goes with any man that can tie it down.

v  The best way to keep money is to add to it.

v  Money says, fail to manage me, I will damage you.

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v  If you make money in drops but spend in ‘floods’, you will be drown with the ocean of debt.

v  No money can ever be enough until you have enough disciples.

v  Buy what you need not what you ‘greed’.

v  You are not wise until your money says you are.

v  Wine and woredom are the killers of wealth.

v  You don’t need everything every time

You need daily saving to keep your daily bread

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