Christmas Spending – How not to Spend Money


Christmas Spending – How not to Spend Money
-Bisi Adewale

Christmas will come and go; but the pain it will bring to many will last for several months in the New Year. A whole lots of people normally enter the New Year broke and in debt. If that was how you entered the out-going year; do not allow it to continue in the coming year. Spend wisely; spend with the future in mind. No matter what your income is, if you do not spend wisely, you may end up broke at the end of the Year and enter the New Year as dry as Sahara desert.

How Not to Spend Money

1.Do not Show Off. If you show off at Christmas, you may not be able to ‘show-up’ in the New Year. Do not buy things you don’t need, not what you want to use to fight your passive, imaginary or real enemy. Those you want to show-off to may not be hurt after all, and if they do, it is just once, you can’t hurt them twice, be wise.

2.Do not Spend to Impress. Do not spend lavishly to impress that your girlfriend or boyfriend. Must you buy expensive gift for him/her? must you take her to that expensive eatery? Must you fly first class; must you take her out on that shopping spree when you know that it will create a huge hole in your pocket? True love will love you the way you are, not because of how much you can spend for her. If her love is based on what she can get from you; that mean she is a “ROBBER” not a LOVER. A lady you must spend lavishly for to keep her love is a fair-weather friend that will not last with you. Do not ever spend to impress any lady, that is what makes many young men to steal and find themselves in troubles.

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3.Merry Buying. We tend to buy many things “in the spirit of the season” not realizing that “the season” will not last forever. Expensive clothing, wrist watches, shoes, food items, cars, etc. People buy many things during Christmas which will not be useful for them after the yuletide, eliminate these things from your list of purchases and live a better life after.

4.Luxury Purchases. People also buy things that are not necessary especially during the yuletide season. Things that will not add to them, that will even create hole in their pocket. Must you buy another phone? Do you really need blackberry and pay #5,000 service charge monthly apart from “credit”? What if you save that #5000 thereby saving #60,000 in a year? Must you subscribe to all pay TV in town? Must you buy the most expensive cloth and shoes? Think twice, Christmas is not forever.

5.Alcohol. Yes and I know that people consume a lot of alcohol at Christmas period, burning their hard earn money on a very “bitter liquid”. Avoid alcohol this period, be wise. Wise men do not take to alcoholism.

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6.Buy Now and Save Money. Companies and individuals will do “promo” sales; they will make it to look as if they are helping you, they tell you buy now and save #30,000. Are you really saving money? you spent #28,000, you didn’t save #30,000; don’t be fooled.

7.Buy Now and Pay Later. They may also tell you to buy now and pay later. They are not helping you, what they are simply saying is “eat your future before you get there”. Buy only what you can afford to pay for now and preserve your future.

8.Environmental Purchases. Avoid buying things around; commodity goods are always expensive with retailers, go to wholesales. Visit supermarkets that buy directly from manufacturers.

9.Johnny the Journey Man. Must you travel? Is it compulsory, can you make it another period? Think about that journey and what it will do to your pocket before you set out.

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10.Sexual Immorality. Holiday period will give you opportunity to meet new people. This is the period most people use to get new girlfriends and have sex. Note that no sex is free, you will pay for it; you can also use your life to pay for it. Enjoyment in sex is just 8 seconds or less, but the cost is high. You give money to the girl, you get hotel room; food, drinks and gifts will follow and you may end up with sexual transmitted diseases that will take huge amount of money from you and may also terminate your life. The best thing you can do for your life this period is to move closer to Jesus, who is the reason for this season. He will transform your life and make you whole. I wish you and your family merry Xmas and happy New Year in advance.

Bisi Adewale is the CEO of Family Booster Ministries. You can reach him on, or call +2348056457013, 8068312004.

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