Character that builds marriage Pt 2


Character that builds marriage Pt 2
Bisi Adewale

A good character can’t be over emphasized if you have to maximize your destiny; you can’t afford to lose sight of what it takes to have a good character.  Listed below are what it takes to build character that build marriage.

1. Humility. Humility is an essential character to build a successful marriage. Relate and speak with all humility. Humility will get you attached to your spouse while pride will make you repulsive to him. Come down; bow down to your husband if you want him to stick to you forever. Humility and submissive wives don’t get beaten by their husbands. Be humble enough to take to correction. Be humble enough to allow your husband to speak while you listen to him.  It takes a humble woman to win the heart of her husband.

2. Positive Thinking. Positive thinkers don’t get negative results. Think positively about your marriage, it will not break; strange women will not push you out. Your marriage will last. Think positively about your husband he will jilt you; stop thinking about malice, retaliation or vengeance. Think well of him and he will treat you well.


3. Boldness. It takes boldness to take bold steps and it takes steps to get greater results. You need boldness to become a successful merchant/career woman in order to supplement the family finance. You need boldness to stand and fight for your marriage when the strange women were troubling you.  It takes boldness to remain in your marriage no matter how long you have trusted the Lord for the fruit of the womb because God will soon answer you.

4. Fashionable. Doesn’t just be an occasional dresser. Become an addicted dresser. Fashion and love goes together. Do you want your husband to keep loving love you, be fashionable at all times, You need to have better understanding of colour combination, kind of wears that suit every occasion. Bad fashion sense may throw you out of your matrimonial home because all men want a good looking and stylish wife.

5. Forgiveness. Offending and forgiving are two courses you must offer if your marriage must succeed. And you must not fail in these two courses. If you fail, your marriage cannot but be rocky or end in divorce. Create a part in your heart to accommodate because your husband will definitely offend you and you must continue to forgive him. Love cannot flow in the heart that keeps malice. Forgive your husband no matter the offence. Forgiveness attitude will help you understand each other better and your marriage rock solid. Forgive, stop keeping malice. Virtuous women forgive.

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