Building Marital Finances


Building Marital Finances

Bisi Adewale

Saving money and investing it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. If you want your family to be in peace tomorrow, develop a marathon mentality for investment today.

  1. Go at Your Own Speed: You may not be the number one, but you are not likely going to be the last, some will definitely pull out along the way. Do not buy what others are buying because they are buying it and never buy to impress because the people you want to impress are not really impressed

2. Avoid Glamour and Glory: Spending money is like a sprint, it brings you premature glamour and glory. It makes you to be noticed, but if you must build a wealthy family, you must avoid this. Using big car may bring you a glamour, wearing the best clothes may give you glory, but always remember that it is for a moment. People that hailed you for your new car now will not hail you when they see it the second time.

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3. Discipline Yourself: One thing a marathon runner needs more than anything else is discipline, when preparing for a marathon race; you are expected to run in the toughest path, climb difficult mountains, run faster than expected. Wake up when others are still sleeping, refuse to eat like them. Shed excessive weight or have you ever seen a fat marathon world champion? No way. Discipline is the mother of distinction.

  1. Run through Pain: Marathon involves pain, it involves suffering, someone once told me that “pain lasts but for a moment”, while glory is for a life time! This is perfectly true. In one Olympic game, a Tanzanian representative fell and badly injured himself, he got up and continued the race in an obvious pain while other runners passed by, but he refused to stop, he finished the race way behind, but he finished. When he was interviewed after the race, he said “My country sent me here to finish the race. I was not sent here to start it alone” funny enough, he was interview just as they did to the winner, he did not win the race but he won the mind. Saving and investing money involves pains, but always end in gains, if you fail to stop, you cannot fail to make it.

5. You need gut and graft: You need gut, you need determination, you need to close your    eyes to present accolade and look up to the future ovation, move forward at a time and win the race for your family.