Building Intimacy In Marriage


Building Intimacy In Marriage
Bisi Adewale

(Eccl. 4:9, Psalm 45:10-11, Genesis 2:18-25)

Intimacy is the closeness of you and your spouse in all ways. It is not something you achieve and relax; it is something that must be nurture everyday of your marriage. If you neglect intimacy in your marriage, you will grow apart, and have a dry marriage.

The time to work on intimacy in your marriage is NOW!

Forms of Intimacy in Marriage

1.        Physical Intimacy. It involves doing things together, staying in the same room, keeping each other’s company, dressing alike, defending and protecting each other.

2.        Emotional Intimacy. This is the closeness created through sharing of feelings, plans, thoughts, and openness of mind.  Couples pay attention to each other’s feeling, and are vulnerable to each other, no reservation. Be open, be free and let the door of your mind be open, not just that of your mouth.


3.        Mental Intimacy. This has to do with couples having the same thought-life believing the same thing, having the same mental attitude and conception, dealing with negative conception together and developing a new one, having the same values.

4.        Spiritual Intimacy. Involves sharing religious beliefs, and observing religious practices together such as praying together, studying the Bible together, family altar, going to church together, sharing your spiritual experiences. We suggest that couples should attend the same church and serve the same God together, have time to worship God together, listen to teaching tapes together and study the same devotional.

5.      Financial Intimacy. Involves discussing and sharing about your finances and having a focus about your financial goals. If you don’t spend money together you are having intimacy problem, if you don’t know how much your spouse earn, your marriage is at o-y-o level no matter how you try to explain it.

6.      Social Intimacy. It has to do with living together as friends, playing together, spending time together, attending social events together, doing things together at home, and carrying each other along. Can you say your wife or husband is your best friend?


7.      Intellectual Intimacy. This is not about discussing highly intellectual ideas. It simply means sharing your thought about things around you- food, children, crime, politics, sport, finances, health, etc. It also involves attending seminars and conferences together, reading the same books and discussing knowledge acquired with your spouse.

Make your husband a prayer project; never give him a breathing space in the place of prayer.
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