Building Happy Marriage


Building Happy Marriage
– Bisi Adewale

Mutual Emotional Support

People in marriage will be very happy with each other if they are getting emotional support from each other, partners that drag each other’s emotionally can never be happy together, getting emotional support is one of the major need of any individual, anybody that needs will definitely win the heart of people involve.

If you really desire a glorious marriage, then let meeting your spouse emotional need be paramount in your heart, one good thing about this is if you meet his/her need, he/she is likely going to feel good about you and then go ahead to meet your emotional needs too.

Meet this Need in the Following Ways

– Let your spouse feel good for marrying you, let his/her increase every day, let him/her remember that you belong to each other.

– Let your spouse have the feeling of been accepted and valued.


– Be too generous with appreciation. Appreciate every little your spouse is able to do for you.

– Never take your spouse for granted.

– Let your spouse knows you reference him/her

– Support each other vision, passion and desire

– Never allow any member of your family to abuse or take them for granted.

– Let the children knows that you value your spouse, don’t abuse your spouse before your children that is a wrong foundation for them

Make your husband a prayer project; never give him a breathing space in the place of prayer.
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