Benefits of Dancing with your Spouse Pt 1


Benefits of Dancing with your Spouse Pt 1
– Bisi Adewale

There are many benefits of dancing because it is not just about steps and music; it is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, hugging, holding and mental stimulation. It has the following benefits:
? It is a form of relaxation for you and your spouse. It provides a temporal escape from your normal daily routine and activities. Dancing gives a chance to relax, relieve stress and concentrate on your spouse.
? Fun. It is a great way to add excitement to your life and marriage, it gives you room to be together, it gives you room to be together with your spouse in your own world, holding and touching each other longer than hugging.
? Confidence. For many people, there is emptiness, loneliness and something missing in their life. Dancing offers something wonderful to fill that void and restore intimacy into your marriage.
? Spice up marriage. Dancing help to remove monotony from your marriage as it increases your attachment bond with your spouse breeding good emotional feeling toward each other and fire up passion.
? Increase body contact. Spouses hardly touch each other except for sex. Dancing do help to increase body contact as you hold each other and rest on each other blossom.
? It is a form of exercise. Dancing is a form of exercise as it can raise the heart beat from 80 to 120 beats per minute. That is the equivalence of any strength training or aerobatic programme.
? It is good for your health, both romantically and physically
? Connection. It creates another way for the two of you to connect with each other as you dance together, your eyes meet, your bodies are close together. You can feel each other’s breathing.
? Sense of well-being- Dancing is a social activity; it reduces stress, cut tension to size and builds social skills. It gives overall sense of well-being.

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