Marriage And Sex How to Approach It


Marriage And Sex How to Approach It

Marriage And Sex How to Approach It

-Bisi Adewale

Examine several ways to approach sex for a better result; don’t just approach it like any other issue in your life. There are ways to approach it to make it a thing of joy and happiness and give the parties involved fulfillment they desire and create harmony and intimacy at home:

(1) Approach sex with love: understand that sex is love making and satisfaction.

(2) Treat sex with kindness: This involves having the knowledge that God created sex to be enjoyed not to be endured. Do everything in the bedroom out of kindness to your mate.

(3) Approach sex with thanksgiving: This means having the mentality that sex is a gift from God. Accept it with love, accept it with joy.

(4) Approach sex with selflessness: Most people approach the bed with the thought of what to gain and enjoy, not with the mind of what to give to their partner and to satisfy them. Selfishness in bed would not makes a man to go for foreplay but want sex straight away, jump from the woman and start to snore like a bull dog. It is this same selfishness that makes a man to be careless whether his wife reaches orgasm or not. Some women only want their husbands to give them a good and long foreplay and nothing more, this is selfish.

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(5) Handle sex with an open mind: It is important to note that half minded sex is not part of making love. Never forget that your mind is the strongest sex organ, give all your attention to your mate’s body and the pleasure.

(6) Approach sex with joy: Understand the fact that you are doing the right thing. By giving your body to your mate, you are obeying God; you are satisfying your mate, preventing him or her from sexual immorality

(7) See sex as recreation: know that God purposefully planned it that way. Sex is not just for baby making, it is for pleasure, enjoyment and recreation, it is not something you do when you feel you need another baby. Approach it with the mind of enjoying yourself.

(8) Approach sex with a sense of responsibility: know that it is your duty to satisfy your spouse. See sex with a sense of responsibility; this means to give adequate foreplay, proper pleasure, participate fully. Hold your husband, let him roll your body, appreciate his body, make good comment as you make love and enjoy the best of time together. Men also should know that it is their responsibility to delay ejaculation and take their wives to orgasm.


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Marriage And Sex How to Approach It