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You need to be aware of the different kinds of “Other Women” that exist to know how to protect your husband from them because the strategies for handling them are not the same.


1. Unknown Other Women: These are the most difficult to handle among strange women. There’s no definite strategy in handling this situation as she may be in a different town. She may be someone your husband met on the internet during his vacation, at a business seminar or training session. She might even be someone close to you.

The only thing you can do to protect your husband from these kind of 8 women that want to snatch your husband is to pray, build a good home, satisfy your husband sexually and be a good wife. After you must have done these, leave the rest to God and continue to trust your husband until you have tangible reasons not to do so.


2. Deceived Strange Women: This kind of women may have involved themselves in an affair with your husband innocently because they think he’s still single. This often occurs when the marriage is still young and he refuses to see himself as a married man. He lives like a casanova; deceiving many with his sugar-coated tongue. If this is the case, the wife should inform the deceived lady that the man is married with children (if any). This should be done politely and with all wisdom.

It is also necessary to visit your husband’s place of work frequently. Be friendly to his colleagues so they can bear in mind that he is a married man and treat him as such.  Also, encourage your husband to wear his wedding ring always. The reason some men don’t wear their wedding rings and identify with their wives in public is simply to deceive other women and be engaged in illicit affairs with them. 

3. Desperate Other Women: These women are also difficult to handle. They are aware that the man is married but still want to have him no matter who is affected. They are ready to do anything to outplay, outshine or outdo the woman at home who may not even know about the existence of the other woman. This kind of women will go the extra mile to achieve their aim. They are ready to give the man sex at its best, prepare sumptuous meals and go diabolical or commit murder just to ensure they hook the man they want.

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To handle this category of women, you need serious prayers, patience and wisdom. If you stress or fight a man who is getting the best from a desperate woman outside, you have just finished that home. He would go ahead to divorce you and marry his mistress. If keeping your marriage is your aim, all you need is to go on your knees and deliver your husband from this strange woman.


4. Confrontational Other Women: Ordinarily, strange women help men they have won to make the relationship secret. That is why they allow men to come to their houses, meet them in obscure hotels, call discreetly and they avoid visiting the houses of these men. But we have some of them who can be daring and confrontational; they are even ready to fight the wives of their men. Some call the wives to abuse and harass them. When things get to this level, the wife needs serious prayers, caution and wisdom. There is a tendency for the woman at home to go all out to fight her husband.

The more she does that, the more the man gets convinced that the other woman is better. Do not play into the hands of the other woman, her strategies are to provoke you so that you can push your husband away thereby, giving her the chance to win him over.


5. Seductive Other Women: These are women who are all out to seduce men. They achieve this through their sweet words, actions, kindness, dressing, association, etc. You need to continue praying for your husband; protect him on your knees; pray to God to reign in his heart and rule in his life.



6. Closeby Other Women: These are women in the neighbourhood, girls in the church or friends of the wife. Women should be careful of the unnecessary closeness of other women with their husbands. This does not mean you should be suspicious of every woman who comes near your husband. Nevertheless, you should know the limit to which you can trust people around you. Encouraging your friends or a young and beautiful girl in the neighbourhood to stay in your house in the name of helping your husband with the kids while you are away can be a cheap way to help him start an affair he never envisaged. How can you go to a party or vigil, leaving your visiting friend alone with your husband at home? Is that trust or foolishness?


7. Day-to-day Other Women: These are women who are met by men every day due to their work or profession. They can be colleagues, customers, clients, patients (to a doctor), contractors, students (to a lecturer/teacher), counselee, etc. In the case of a colleague in the office, she may even be sharing the same office with the man. Hence, she spends a long time with the man every day than his wife, creating closeness and sometimes unholy intimacy. 

Office romance is very rampant these days. As the wife, your strongest weapon, which I emphasize is prayers. 

Make it a point of duty to visit your husband’s office once in a while. This would serve as a reminder to his colleagues that he is married. This does not negate the essence of being friendly with them so that they can even fight to help you protect your marriage in your absence. Also, to overcome the prevalence of day-to-day strange women, make the house conducive for your husband.

Most men these days feel more comfortable at work rather than at home. This should not be the case with your husband. Give him reasons to rush back home to a wonderful wife everyday. Let him be proud of you, love and crave to be with you always.    



8. In-house Other Women: This can be your housemaid, nanny, any girl who stays in your house. It can even be your sister. I will place more emphasis on the housemaid in subsequent chapters of this book.



Let me warn you against any girl who stays with you. Ensure that everyone dresses well in your house and also ensure they sleep in their rooms. If you have only one bathroom at home, don’t allow them to spread their underwears in the bathroom. Let them take their underwears to their rooms. Protect your husband by all means. MEN ARE MOVED BY WHAT THEY SEE.

Now that you know these 8 women that want to snatch your husband, you need to know these 6 things also: 

  1.  You need to know how to detect if your husband is already hooked with one of these strange women.
  2. You need to know the signs to watch out for in the life of your husband to know if he is hooked or not.
  3. You need to know what to do if your husband is hooked with any of them.
  4. You need to know HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HUSBAND from these strange women.
  5. You need to know the secrets of these strange women.
  6. You need to know the ANATOMY OF AFFAIRS.

If you know these six things, you will be able to prevent your husband from every strange woman forever and have your rest of mind.

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