7 Secrets To get Married quickly


7 Secrets To get Married quickly

By: Bode Akinola

7 Secrets To get Married quickly

Expensive Life style 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
Cut your coat according to your cloth; Living within your means. If you are expensive then you will have to wait for someone who has the box to throw or waste around. Let me tell you no one has it enough to waste. All good men want a woman that can manage resources. So don’t scare them away. 7 Secrets To get Married quickly

Double Dating 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
Back then in school everybody know girl X (name withheld) to be dating different kinds of guys. Yet she has a serious guy whom she claims she wants to marry. She has different cases of s*x scandals. The worse is when her fiance came to visit her in school without prior notice, only to meet her on bed having fun with another guy. 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
A lady can put more than one suitor on hold until she finally gives consent to one and then dispatch the rest. Not hanging on all of them. You can also be unfaithful after marriage: that is the picture you paint when you double date. When he notices, he dumps you for another.


Too Demanding 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
Most ladies make mistakes; they think when they demand and their request is granted, that makes their guy caring or not stingy: that is not true. The picture you paint here is that you are out to brain drain them. No man would want to marry a leach. As a lady who is mature enough to marry you should be able to settle your daily demands and whatever he gives, is just to assist. 7 Secrets To get Married quickly

Quarrelsomeness and anger 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
If you pester, nag, resent and you are fastidious you could end at friendship that will not always last. No matter how good you are, it will always be difficult to see someone that can please you. No man will like their woman to be like that. You are not their mother; they had enough as a young man whose mother will always tell them what to do and not to do. They can take it from mum but not you. 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
Anger on the other hand can destroy what you have built over time. Work on your temperament, is bad for a lady to be easily angered. Don’t tell me that, that is how you are; it is shameful not to be able to work on yourself. Everybody has the potential to be a thief but choices differentiated them.

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Fault finding 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
Do you always find fault on what people do and defend your wrongs? You are never wrong others should bear the blames. Shifting blames and not taking responsibility for good and bad is a quality of fault finders. This attitude can or will certainly get you later than expected in marriage. Be careful to cast blames. In fact don’t always be mindful or careful about who is wrong. How do we correct it should be your focus.

Insincerity 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
All men love sincere ladies, they resent pretentious ones. Be open and truthful that is all it takes to win a man’s undying love. Don’t purposely tell lies, as much as you can tell the truth. If you lie, you will be often discovered. If they don’t tell you may be they just want to respect you. But if it continues then be sure you are employing the devil to help you in that lateness to marriage. 7 Secrets To get Married quickly

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Pride and arrogance 7 Secrets To get Married quickly
Pride and arrogance is associated with the male. But that too is distasteful much less a woman who is not respectful, humane or meek. What men consider as love is respect and value. So you can stop this delay. 7 Secrets To get Married quickly