3 Bedroom Secrets You Must Never Tell Your Husband

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3 Bedroom Secrets You Must Never Tell Your Husband


  • By Oba Samuel

Bedroom is the strong room of marriage and that is why Couples have to take the issue of their sex life seriously because whatever happens in the bedroom will determine the outcome of their marriage.

While in the bedroom, there are three major things wives must never say to their husbands if they don’t want the marriage to break. Are you puzzled? Read below:


1.Your Ex Is Better In Bed Than Him:It is a known fact that you can’t compare two different man’s performance in bed, every man has his own uniqueness which includes sexual stamina. Truly, your Ex may be better sexually than your husband but you are not expected to say it to your husband.

In this case,avoid running him down with your comments because it will affect him psychologically. Look for solution that will help him improve his libido by avoiding sugar intake,avoid carbonated drinks.Let him eat water melon,date,raw tomatoes,ginger and cucumber regularly. Also get Secrets Of An Irresistible Husband and Wife By Bisi&Yomi Adewale and read it together.




2.You Wish Your Ex Still Touch You: The past memory of your romantic involvement with your Ex may be difficult to forget especially if he was the one that deflowered you but never make the mistake of revealing such desire to your husband.

If you have that urge to be touched by your ex, it means you have not been psychologically and emotionally detached from him.You really need to do this in order to devote your heart to your husband. Stop communicating with him and get rid of pictures and everything that re-ignite his memory in him.



3.You Hate Him When He Asks For Sex: Hating it when your husband asks you for sex is not a normal thing in marriage and if you do, don’t ever make the mistake of informing him. Your hatred of sex can either be demonic or psychologically.

Work together with your husband to improve his sexual performance, pray about your sexual life and seek counsel from a Christian marriage Counsellor.