20 AMAZING FACTS GUYS MUST KNOW ABOUT LADIES: You need to know the following facts about ladies to enable a better relationship with them:

  1. A lady may give in for sex for many reasons: Never interpret a lady’s consent for sex as a show of love. A lady may allow you to have sex with her for many reasons. It may be because of money, to have you for keeps, she may be demonic and want to have a blood covenant with you, or she may be HIV positive and want to transfer it to you through sex. Be wise, flee fornication.
  2. A lady that allows you to sleep with her easily can do it for somebody else: She can fall into the hands of Jacks, Phillip, Sam, etc. If she finds herself in a similar situation. Girls that allow sex outside marriage are the indiscipline type; run away from them.
  3. A godly lady will keep herself till her wedding night: If you are looking for a god-fearing lady, then that lady that sleeps around is not the one. Be careful!
  4. Ladies can have Veneral disease for months and still look healthy: A lady might have contacted gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS and still look healthy. These diseases are not written on the forehead which is why you must not fornicate.
  5. A lady that keeps demanding money from you is with you for your money: Godly women don’t demand for money, but money-hunter ladies does. Don’t think she is doing this because she loves you, all she wants is your money and nothing else.
  6. No responsible lady will expose her nakedness: If you are looking for a responsible lady, ‘a wife material’, then don’t go for a lady that exposes her nakedness in the name of fashion. God-fearing ladies don’t wear body hugs, spaghetti, miniskirts, see-through dresses etc. Be wise.
  7. A lady that does not respect you in courtship is not likely going to submit to you in marriage: If she is stubborn and disrespectful, she doesn’t listen to advice, or you cannot direct, correct or instruct her, you’ve not seen a wife. Never make a mistake of marrying a lady that is not likely to submit to you in future.
  8. A lady that hates your mother is not truly in love with you: Any lady that truly loves you, will accept your family as they are. If you discover that, she hates your mother, then it will be suicidal to marry her.
  9. Complexion is not the ingredient of a good wife, but character: Any lady without good character is not beautiful, no matter how good looking she might be. Don’t marry the ‘container’ please check the ‘content’. Open your eyes widely, don’t marry a lady with bad character.
  10. A lady that does not know how to make money will mis-manage it: If she is not creative or industrious but lazy and indolent, she is not the woman meant for you. If you marry such a lady you will be hurting your future.
  11. A secretive lady who has skeleton in her cupboard: If you know close to nothing about her and she is not ready to tell you anything about herself, am afraid there is something to it than meets the eye.
  12. No responsible lady will demand for sex before marriage: If she demands for sex before your wedding that reveals the facts that she has been doing it before she met you, and will continue to do it if you are not there.
  13. A relationship that drags you away from God is pushing you closer to your grave: Your relationship should be God-centered; you and your partner should be co-travellers to the kingdom of God, as you pray and study the scriptures together. If what you do in your relationship is pecking, kissing, necking, fondling and having sex, then your relationship is destroying your precious future.
  14. A lady that doesn’t have any girl friend is dangerous: Ask your partner about her friends and if she doesn’t have or all she does is to speak negatively about them, you are in the wrong hands. A lady that cannot have a fruitful friendship with people of her gender is not likely to have it cool with you. A socially bankrupt lady is a bad marriage partner, if she cannot keep a roommate, she won’t be able to keep a soul mate.
  15. If a lady truly loves you, she will be proud to introduce you to her friends and family: Is she not proud to introduce you or is she hiding you from her friends and family? If yes, this means she doesn’t want to be identified with you. She is only keeping you till she gets a ‘better deal;
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  1. If she can abuse her own mother, she will beat yours: A lady that has no iota of respect for her mother will beat your own mother at the slightest provocation. You need to be careful about her, she is dangerous and she is not the best for you.
  2. Lady that gossips about others will also tell others about you: Avoid anybody that loves to gossip. With time, she will turn you into a gossip and even sow seeds of bitterness into your hearts about many people. If she is fond of telling you about other people, she will definitely tell others about you.
  3. Avoid her if she regularly fights dirty: Check the way that lady behaves when she is unhappy with others. Does she ‘fight dirty’? Does she abuse, become aggressive and uncontrollable? Does she reveal every secret of others in anger and seek every way to hurt anyone who offends her? If this is the way she fights, that is the way she will fight you when you quarrel, be wise.
  4. There are two types of girls-‘Play girls’ and ‘Wife materials’: ‘Play girls’ are just after money, wealth, sex, passion, and pleasure. They are not after marriage, they are the unserious type of girls; don’t ever join yourself with them. The ‘wife materials’ will be full of manners, godly virtues, godliness, meekness, and humility. She will be ready to plan the future with you and will eagerly introduce you to her parents, pastors, family and friends. If you end up marrying a ‘play girl’, you will regret it for the rest of your life.
  5. A lady you cannot control will destroy you: A lady you cannot control, lead, instruct and correct cannot be a good wife to you. A man should be the head of the home, and should be in charge of his family. If you cannot control her in courtship, what do you think will happen in marriage? Marrying a lady who is all out to boss you will scatter your marital destiny and truncate your family life.