17 ROTTEN REASONS GUYS INDULGE IN PRE-MARITAL SEX (Ephesians 5:3-4). These are the reasons single men indulge in pre-marital sex:

  1. To feel good: Some guys go into sexual immorality just to feel good and enjoy themselves. Pre-marital sex is not a way to feel good as it will give you regret, shame, sexually transmitted diseases and may be untimely death.
  2. To have a story to tell: Most guys discuss their sexual experiences when they gather. During the discussions, there is a tendency to develop an inferiority complex when they begin to tell you how many girls they slept with and what method they used. This can incite the crave to have sex so that you can also have a story to tell. Most of those men who claim to have been involved with one or more ladies are a bunch of liars. Please do not listen to them. Remain pure and in the Lord.
  3. To get a pay-back: Some guys demand sex from ladies who needs their help because they feel that is the best way to be paid back. This is very wrong, sex is not the currency of love; do not expect to be paid back through sex.
  4. Everybody is doing it: Because of the way guys talk when they gather, innocent young boys will think everybody is involved in pre-marital sex and be left out if they don’t do it. This is not true. Not everybody is fornicating! It is only immoral and the indiscipline boys that are involved in this act.
  5. I want to know whether she is good in bed: Any man who has this belief before marriage is exercising foolishness in the highest order. Sexual ability is not what determines the success of a marriage. A lady that is good in bed may not be a good wife. Do not use this as the basis of your marital decision.
  6. Sexual Compatibility: This is wrong; there is nothing called sexual compatibility before marriage. The truth is; you may think a woman is sexually compatible with you before marriage only to discover that you are very different after the wedding. When she becomes pregnant, she will change. When she is breastfeeding, she will also change. Marriage is all about acceptance and contentment not about compatibility. Wait for God’s time, do not destroy yourself.
  7. We will get married soon: Intention to get married is not marriage. For the mere fact that you want to get married does not mean that you are married; wait for your time.
  8. To seal our love: Sex is not the seal of love, it may even steal love, hence, do not indulge in it. If you truly love that lady, you will wait till your wedding night because true love waits.
  9. To demonstrate my love to her: Sex is not the best way to demonstrate love, it is the wrong way. If you want to demonstrate your love to that lady, zip up till your wedding night. Help her to keep her testimony and do not destroy her glory. Helping her to maintain her integrity is true love.
  10. I want to know what it feels like to have sex (curiosity): it is natural desire to wish you could have a feel of sex even before marriage. However, you must wait till you get your ‘sex license’ which is your wedding certificate before you do it. Do not destroy your precious life because of few seconds of enjoyment. Wait for your time.
  11. To conquer another girl: Guys boast about the number of girls they have slept with. Hence, they sleep around just to increase the number. This is high level of foolishness.
  12. Just for the fun of it: Many young men involved in pre-marital sex do not realize that sex is much more than fun. It entails the sharing of your body, soul and spirit with a consequence far greater than you can ever imagine.
  13. To become experienced before wedding: Every sexual experience before your wedding will negatively impact your marriage. You can only get false experience from pre-marital sex.
  14. To get the girl pregnant before wedding lest she is barren: Marriage is not just about making babies. If you go against the law of God because of a child, you will end up grooming a child of disobedience.
  15. To avoid loneliness: Get yourself busy working for the Lord. Sex and disobedient cannot eradicate loneliness. All you need is the presence of God, which sexual sins will take away from you.
  16. To practice what they watch on television, internet, read in books and magazines: If you expose yourself to wrong information, you will end up deformed. Stop feeding your soul with junks and live for God.
  17. I can’t help myself; I just have to do it: You can help yourself except you are an animal. Sexual emotions cannot just control you except you unduly stir it. If you don’t satisfy it, it will go. Nobody put a gun to your head to do it, hence; don’t be stupid, you can help it. It takes just a godly decision and discipline to stay out of it.
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