If you realise that you are in the wrong relationship, you need to go ahead to break it wisely, if you are involved in an “ENCAGEMENT” not “ENGAGEMENT, you need to end it fast, but you need to apply wisdom. You must handle it carefully. The longer you’ve been in that relationship, the more careful you must be.

Please note these

  • A broken courtship is not a divorce.
  • No man should have monopoly over you; you are not married to him.
  • Relationship is not by force but by choice.
  • The decision is yours; it is your responsibility to do what is right.
  • It is your life, it is your destiny; people may not like the decision you want to take, but it is your life.
  • You’ve not “gone too far” until you get to the altar, it may even be close to your wedding, that doesn’t matter, it is your life that matters not what the two families will say or do.
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  • Check your relationship all over again, be objective, be sincere and be truthful to yourself.
  • Pray seriously about your decision as you ask God to teach you what to do.
  • Be patient, do not be in a haste, do not be in hurry. If you want to take the right decision, you need patience.
  • Avoid going to the guy’s house to break the relationship; meet in a neutral place.
  • Never behave like unbelieving girls; never abuse, blame, don’t stop picking his calls or write abusive letters to him, those are childish things to do.
  • Avoid breaking the relationship in a secret place. Tell him your mind where other people can see him. Many ladies made this kind of mistake and ended up being beaten or raped.
  • Seek godly counsel
  • Communicate your mind with the man.
  • Be respectful and courteous as you do it.
  • Don’t blame him for the state of the relationship; be plain, make it clear to him.
  • Apologise for hurting him and for taking his time and resources in the relationship.
  • Let him know that it is for the good of both of you.
  • Make a final U-turn. If you break the relationship, then you have no business going to his house or asking him for any favours.
  • Give no room for enmity, you are still brethren.
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