How To Be Polite To Your Spouse

How To Build Selflessness
How To Build Selflessness

How To Be Polite To Your Spouse

-Bisi Adewale

How To Be Polite To Your Spouse

Many couples lack some basic courtesies needed in marriage. Rudeness, careless words, disrespect for one’s spouse, criticisms, public embarrassment do not portray politeness.

Before the wedding, most singles ensure they are courteous as they put their best partner ahead of their desires. They are consumed by the passion to make their intended spouse feel good about them.

Once the ceremony is over, courtesy dwindles until mutual honour and respect is annihilated.

What are the characteristics of being impolite?

Below are some of the characteristics of being impolite to our spouse.

1. Fighting in public.

2. Comparing our spouses with our secretaries, house maids, parents, siblings, friend's spouse,


3. Criticizing each other. 1 Peter 2:1

4. Outright condemnation of your spouses' stature, outlook, parents, job, motherhood, dressing, etc.

5. Barking orders at one’s wife.

6. Speaking angrily with abusive words to one’s spouse. Colossians 3:19


7. Not listening to suggestions offered by your spouse.

8. Failure to pick his or her calls when your spouse calls. Colossians 3:8

9. Failure to spend time together.

10. Infidelity

11. Reporting him or her to friends, children and family members.

12. Embarrassing him or her in public.

13. Not obeying one’s husband. Proverbs 14:1

14. Using words that belittle your wife.

15. Telling your partner that he or she is a mistake in your life.

16. Blaming the wife for the mistakes of the children.

17. Not complimenting each other’s outlook, dressing, etc.

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