20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1

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20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1

20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1

When you think of the most confident women you know, like Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey, what is it these ladies have in common that allows them to approach life so fearlessly? They carry themselves with an air of success, grace, and determination. The energy changes when they enter a room. They are memorable. See how many of this list of pitfalls you avoid and how you measure up as a confident woman.

1. They don’t gossip. Confident women don’t talk about other women, they talk about their dreams, plans and aspirations. 20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1 20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1
2. They don’t doubt themselves
You won’t hear them second-guessing their decisions. Hesitation isn’t part of their process. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it at all times. They think their decisions through thoroughly but once they decide, they decide. 20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1 20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1
3. They don’t follow trends
Confident women aren’t trend followers they are trend setters. They spend no time thinking about what is “in” and instead they make choices based on what they like. They are finely attuned to their own needs and preferences. And they are not afraid to ask for what they want.


4. They never suppress feelings
When something is on their mind, you will know it. They tell it like it is. With confidence comes the ability to speak your mind in a way that others hear you.

5. They never compromise self-care
Confident women know that they need to take care of themselves to be their best. They value a healthy work/life balance and they take time to eat right, sleep well and to spend an occasional moment being pampered just because it feels good. 20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1 20 Secret Of A Great Confident Woman part1
6. They never listen blindly
Confident women like to gather their own evidence and come to their own conclusion. They think outside-the-box, because if they don’t do their own fact-finding, they know they might not see the big picture.

7. They don’t try to please people
When a woman is self-assured, she does not need external approval. This allows the confident woman to be her true self and trust that people who like her, like her for who she truly is. She leads from her heart and has the inner-strength to handle opposition.


8. They don’t waste time on worrying.
Time is valuable so spending it concerned about what-ifs, should-haves or could-have-beens is not useful to the confident woman. She knows that worry is like paying interest on a loan before you have been approved.

9. They don’t have regret
They learn from the past and they recognize where they have made poor choices but there’s no regret. Being able to learn from the past rather than regret it oozes confident.

10. They aren’t afraid to get messy
Sure they know the value of a good first impression and they like to look their best, but they don’t care if they are caught in a rainstorm or if they get sandy feet while walking on the beach. They find joy in the experience whether that is getting stuck in a downpour or falling in the pool.