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That every one of you should know how to posses his vessel in sanctification and honour”.

Thessalonians 4:4

BETWEEN MASTURBATION AND WET DREAMS-Masturbation is different from “wet dreams or nocturnal emission”. Every normal young man at a stage in life experiences a periodical release or discharge of spermatozoa, which happens when they sleep at night. There are, however, two sides to this coin. It could be sinful if a guy exposes himself to pornographic materials, voyeurism, lust, sex discussions, etc during the day. This results is an emission at night. Engaging in all these activities and the effects are not scriptural and unrighteous, which can easily open the man to demonic attacks and afflictions.

The second side of the coin occurs if a young man is not thinking of any lady, and has not exposed himself to pornographic materials or other activities that can induce sex. Nocturnal emission then is not a sin, but a natural way of relieving a young man from tensions when the sperm sac or sack is full.

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Note that exposure to illicit sex activities will increase the production of sperm and that is why young men should keep themselves pure. Wet dreams should not happen often. If it occurs as frequently as every week, then something is truly wrong.


  • Lack of Discipline: Failure to discipline yourself is the major cause of masturbation. If you must overcome it, you must be disciplined.
  • Wrong Association: Some young boys get initiated into masturbation while in boarding schools. Their peers encourage them to masturbate assuring them that there is no harm in it and that it is not a sin.
  • Pornographic Materials, Music and Films: Exposure to any of these will encourage lust and sexual tensions which can lead a young man to masturbation.
  • Lust: The mind is the real man; it is the seat and source of thoughts. When a young man allows lust in his mind he can commit any sexual sin. The truth is, you cannot masturbate without lusting. Lust is the mother of all other sexual sins.
  • Demonic Oppression: Past sexual exposure to occultic girls, sex toys, sexual activities, sex books, magazines, etc can open the door for demonic oppression that will cause anyone to be addicted to masturbation. There are some married men who prefer masturbating to sleeping with their wives. While there are young ones who cannot do without masturbating daily.BETWEEN MASTURBATION AND WET DREAMS
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