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-Bisi Adewale

Your marriage is very important, don’t allow it to dry or go down the drain that is why you must know the 9 ways to keep your marriage green. Do everything womanly possible to keep it blossoming and refreshing. Do not divorce, divorce is a sign of cowardice, real woman don’t divorce, winners don’t quit, and quitters can never be the winner.This 9 ways to keep your marriage green will really help you.

Give it all it takes fight for your marriage, defend it, confront the devil, face the conflict headlong, and don’t run away.. You can keep your marriage green by take the following steps continuously

  1. Check Yourself: It is very easy to blame every other person for the state of our marriage except ourselves. The first person we blame is our spouses, then in-laws, our spouses’ friends, finances, jobs, etc. The only person you will never blame is the person you see inside the mirror, yourself. The truth is, it is all about you, your marriage is what you make it to be. If you change your spouse will change. If you become better, he will be the best. So check yourself, habits, character, dressing and everything your husband has been complaining about change then, deal with them; overcome them.
  2. Pray for your spouse: Pay attentively, pray for yourself, pray for your spouse, pray about habits, character, actions, and reactions of both of you. Pray against demonic influence on your marriage, bring don’t the presence of the God.Please pray about this 9 ways to keep your marriage green. 
  3. Keep learning and relearn: The way you think will affect the way you act and react, so change the style of your thinking, think positively about your marriage, husband, in-laws, sex, love, forgiveness, etc. if you think wrongly you will act badly, stuff your mind with the word of God that will make you think like Christ, and become a better spouse.
  4. Fight ignorance with knowledge: Number one killer of marriage is ignorance. What you don’t know seniors you. You need to know, you cannot be correct, if you are not current. You need to learn more about marriage-building skills.
  5. Read good marriage and family books: Suggest some of my books to you: Fight for that marriage, Ten Commandments for Wives, Secrets of an Irresistible Wife,  Sexual fulfillment in Marriage, 100% Marriage, Parenting without Tears, among others. Attend marriage seminars, couples’ retreats. Attend a marriage school (you can enroll in our marriage College- (COLLEGE OF MARITAL SUCCESS-call 08051512823). Seek counsel- don’t be too big to seek for counsel.If you are too big to learn, you are too small to lead. Look for a good marriage counselor and listen to him/her, please don’t wait till when your marriage is in comma before you do this.
  6. Keep Right Company: Make friends with only Godly women, never involve with Husbands Bashing Group (HBG), don’t make women who have no respect from their husbands your best friend, divorced women should not be your confidant, they will make you what they are.
  7. Forgive your spouse: Your husband will always offend you, learn to forgive, learn to let go, this will help you a lot, it is childish to bear a grudge, it is a sign of mentality of forgive.
  8. Respect your Spouse: Number one thing your husband want from you is respect, you can’t win him if you cannot submit to him and respect him, boost his ego, do not bruise it, he will become your lover boy, if you can just let him be the head of the family and make him feel he is.
  9. Communicate freely with your spouse: Don’t bottle up your feeling, rather say it with all respect, become a communication expert. Communicate effectively, be a positive talker, be a good listener, let your communication be complete, it must be full, open, positive, truthful, humorous, clear, detail, full of grace and season with salt.
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