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12 MAJOR NEEDS OF EVERY WIFE:To be an irresistible husband, you must learn to meet the needs of your wife. If you take time to study your wife and make her happy, you will end up becoming her dream husband while she will in turn become the wife you prayed for. As I show you the general needs of women it is now left for you to pinpoint what your wife wants, and then use them to win her and build a better family life.

  1. Unconditional Love. “Every wife’s story is different, but every wife shares the same need for unconditional love and acceptance”- Barbara Roseberg. Every woman wants to be loved unconditionally. She doesn’t want to be loved because of what she can do in the kitchen or in the bedroom. She wants to be accepted and celebrated. It is wrong to condemn, criticize or give her conditions she must live up to if she must enjoy your patronage.
  2. Every woman wants you to show her your love and affection. It is not just about saying it. she desires that you express your love daily. Physical closeness, friendship, gift, care and tenderness are things every woman wants.
  3. You can’t say you love her without giving her your attention. You must learn to put her into your “To do” list every day. Take time off your “busyness” to be with her and make her happy. Sneak out of your schedule to give her a treat.
  4. You must learn to appreciate her for her good deeds, good cooking, taking care of the house, support to you, motherhood etc.
  5. “Healthy affirmation is a key ingredient in unconditional love. It is like a magnet; it draws us in, it attracts us”- Gary Roseberg. Learn to express love to your wife. Affirm her, tell her “I love you, baby”, “You are wonderful, honey”, “I am proud of you”, “You are one of God’s richest blessings to me”, “I feel safe and secured with you”.
  6. Be totally faithful to her. Be faithful financially and sexually. Never go to another woman for sex; get it at home from your wife.
  7. Accommodate her in your thinking, plan, goal and budget. Make her the love of your life, the number two in your life after God.
  8. Financial Provision. There is no way you can be her HONEY if you don’t give her MONEY. Make her happy by providing for her. You can’t say you are the head of the family if she pays all the bills.
  9. Family Commitment. Be totally committed and yoked to your family. Think of them, make money for them; make your life revolve round your home. Never take any major decision without putting them into consideration.
  10. Talk to her, talk positively and deeply. Be open, loving and careful how you use your tongue. Never use your tongue to destroy her. Instead, let your words be seasoned with grace.
  11. Good fatherhood. Don’t just be a father, be a daddy. Anybody can father a child but it takes more than ability to be a DADDY. You must be
  • D- Disciplined
  • A- Available
  • D- Dependable
  • D- Distinct
  • Y- Yoked with your family   
  1. You must be godly and homely. Don’t be a midnight husband or a run-away father; be there for your family. Perform your duties in protecting your wife and children.


Pastor Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert; author of Secret of Irresistible Wife and more than 70 other books on marriage and family life. You can reach him on familybooster@gmail.com, 08068312004, Whatsaap 08051512823, BB: 2AF5C883, Blog:  www.bisiadewale.com, facebook.com/PastorBisiAdewale.Twitter @bisiadewale