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-Bisi Adewale


Winning their husbands has been the prayer and aspiration of all women, no matter their age, tribe, tongue, colour, or creed.HOW TO WIN THE MAN YOU MARRIED

They desire to have their husbands as friends, companions, confidant, comrade and lover. They look forward to their men caring for them, loving them, pampering them, giving them their attention and affection. In most cases wives do not succeed in their quest to “conquer” the heart of the men they love and adored and the major reasons for this is that they were using the wrong weapon to fight the right war, confronting instead of comforting, competing instead of completing, thereby turning their “heaven” to oven, home to hostels.

Here, we are going to discuss how to win your husband and enjoy your marriage:

  1. Always Pray for Him. Prayer is the greatest weapon in the hand of a Godly woman. Your husband may reject your counsel, resist your friendship, reproof your begging, mock your suggestion, disdain your food, oppose your actions and unmoved by your sex and romance, but he is powerless before your prayer. He can do nothing to resist his creator.HOW TO WIN THE MAN YOU MARRIED

Touch the following areas in his life:

  • His conversion
  • His action
  • His decision
  • His temptation
  • His job
  • His finances
  • His sex life,
  • Pattern of life,
  • Friendship
  • Health and lots more.
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Make your husband a prayer project; never give him a breathing space in the place of prayer.

  1. Give Him a “Type A Marriage. Marriage are generally classify into type A-D; they are:

Type D – Hate and Resist Marriage

Type C–   Love and Resist Marriage

Type B – Hate and Submit Marriage

Type A – Love and Submit Marriage.

Let yours be a Type A, submit to him, (2) honour him, respect him, even if he hate you, through patience, love, submission and prayer, he will see his folly and come to his senses.

No matter how a man loves you, if you fail to submit, he will end up hating you thereby making your marriage a Type D marriage.HOW TO WIN THE MAN YOU MARRIED

  1. Know your Husband Inside-Out. If you know him well you will be able to avoid constant misunderstanding and know how to placate him when he is angry. You will also know his taste, vision, longing, fear and weakness, strong points, state of health, friends, his happiness triggers, how and when to correct him when he make mistakes, his styles, methods, likes dislikes, best food, best fruit, his hero, the person he might respect, etc. this also involves knowing what turns him “on” and “off”, what he cannot resist and what satisfy him in bed.
  2. This involves not defending yourself, not explaining and not justifying yourself. Not passing the buck whenever there is mistake, but by first sincerely apologizing with a remorseful spirit, action and tones.
  3. Satisfy Him Morally. Do everything to show your husband that your body belong to him, guard your nakedness from other men jealously and let your man know that you do. Let him know he has monopoly of your body. Never tie towel or wrapper without blouse around the street, avoid exposing your breast in the market place in the name of breast feeding your baby; if you are alone with him in the house and you are not properly dressed, as soon as a visitor knock the door go for your house blouse that will send signal to your man that you are trust worthy, full of dignity. Never wear mini skirt or other dress that exposes your nakedness and never be unfaithful to your husband.
  4. Be A Babe, Never A Madam. Always dress to look younger, neat approachable and acceptable. Celebrate youthfulness, not oldness. You are as old as the way you see yourself and the way you dress a “madam”. Dressing may make a mad man out of him; “babe” behaviour will make him to treat you as his baby. Never say “who dey look me”, your husband is looking at you; give him the best.HOW TO WIN THE MAN YOU MARRIED
  5. Know the Best Way to Make Him Happy. There are several ways to make a man happy, you need to know that of your man. This will be treated in another article.
  6. Glorious Home Coming. Make his home-coming a pleasant Give him a grand reception; welcome him with a smile and enthusiasm. Give him “you-are-too-important”, “we’ve-been-expecting-you” type of welcome. Let him feel at home in his house, kiss him, collect his suit and bag, give him your attention, give him cold water, serve his food, treat him like a king.

Shortly before his arrival, look round the house, put everything in place, flush and clean the toilet, re-set the sitting room, lay the bed, clean the bedroom and cook a delicious meal for him. Make yourself ready, work on yourself, take a shower, put on a good perfume, put on romantic clothes and look like a babe not like his grand-ma.

After doing that, send a text message to him that “EVERYTHING” is ready for you dear lover boy, the house, the food, the water, your babe, I mean me; is seriously ready for you to show you my generosity”. When he arrives home, give him a grand reception, he is the president of your home.

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