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– Oba Samuel


Nobody married with the intention of marrying the wrong person. But what you do or fail to do may be a causative agent to marrying the wrong person.9 WRONG PATHS TO MARRIAGE

This write-up is aimed at opening your eyes to things some singles are doing consciously or unconsciously which can make them end in wrong marriages.9 WRONG PATHS TO MARRIAGE

  1. Disdain Divine Leading. One of the major ways of getting married to the wrong person is to disdain divine leading and guidance. Don’t seek to know the mind of God about the person; don’t even bother to pray at all, even if your spiritual leaders like pastors and mentors try to counsel you, turn a deaf ear to them. Let everyone who cares to listen know that the choice of a life partner is purely your personal decision. Note that every refusal to divine leading will automatically make you give room for the devil who will lead you in the wrong direction.
  2. Marry an Unbeliever. One of the best ways to marry the wrong person is to marry an unbeliever. Unbelievers are non born again Christians, Muslims, Idol worshippers, free-thinkers, moralists and anyone who fail to acknowledge Jesus as a personal Lord and savior. An unbeliever has no knowledge of things that can make marriage work. Unbelievers often operates in traditional marriage lifestyle which often makes them sees wives as slaves and husbands as commanders. They often engaged in extra-marital affairs, marrying more than one wife and also believe divorce is the best solution to marital challenges. Do you want to be beaten in your marriage as a lady?

As a brother, do you want an abusive and stubborn wife? Then marry an unbeliever.9 WRONG PATHS TO MARRIAGE

  1. Follow your Emotions. Emotion is one aspect of human being that is not totally reliable because it swings and changes per time. In a quest to settle down in marriage, let your emotion drive you. Marry anyone base on your emotional feelings towards the fellow. Feelings will remove common sense and God factor; it will only gets its drive from your present mood. Then when you come to your senses, you would have found yourself in a regrettable marriage.9 WRONG PATHS TO MARRIAGE
  2. Get marry to a stranger. Marriage is not an excursion, it is a lifelong venture. So it require knowing the fellow you want to embark on such a journey with but if you have made up your mind to make mess of your marriage, then get married to somebody you don’t know-a total stranger whose face you’re seeing for the first time, his/her Christian background you don’t know and source of income is also unknown to you, go ahead and marry him. Get marry in haste, don’t give room for courtship. You would have succeeded in destroying your marriage before you even begin.
  3. Look for a sex Partner. To marry the wrong person, just look for a sex partner and settle down with him/her. Seeking for a wife or husband material will help marry the right person but getting married to a sex partner will make you have numerous problems because what makes marriage work is not just sex.9 WRONG PATHS TO MARRIAGE
  4. Marry a liar. One of the ingredients of a successful marriage is trust. So when you marry somebody who is not trustworthy, an expert liar, you would have succeeded in putting your marriage in jeopardy because a liar will definitely give you many ‘surprises’ and shockers of your life. Want to verify this? Marry a liar and you will confirm that he/she is a wrong fellow to live with.
  5. Defy all warnings. As soon as you are in a relationship, heading towards wedding and there are lots of warnings from people around you like your pastor, parents, counselors, friends and other spiritually sensitive people, turn a deaf ear to them, call their bluff, ignore their warnings and get married at all cost for it is your life and not anybody’s business. With this, you have signed yourself out to a wrong person. This will bring tears out of your eyes daily.
  6. Be carried away with the stature. To choose the wrong life partners, don’t pray, don’t check character or Christian values and virtues but be carried away by the stature-the curves, size of breasts, buttocks, height, complexion and the hair. Marriage built on stature may suffer loss because stature changes with time because a slim lady may become fat in marriage while a skinny guy may grow big with pot-belly tomorrow.
  7. Be led by false prophets. Don’t bother to study or pray about him or her, just take all the names of your admirers to a false prophet and let him choose who to marry for you. This is like a case of blind leading the blind, both will end in a ditch. Do you want to marry the right person? Then do the exact opposite of the above points.

 OBA SAMUEL is a family and relationship coach.A seasoned speaker in singles and couples conferences.Happily married to his queen-Oluwakemi;a babe of rare qualities and they are blessed with Tripple G children.Connect me on Twitter @PastorOba .E-mail: obasamuel09@gmail.com