Segun Oluwatodu

I am inspired to declare to every child of God waiting mother and father who is opportuned to read this page that your waiting period will soon be over. No more barreness for you again
God who is never late said I should give this Message of hope to you “He is visiting you soonest…”And you know that, whenever He comes, He comes BIG!
A good news is that you were never programmed to be without your children, You are created to be fruitful and have dominion and so shall you be. Your own children shall manifest. Receive them in Jesus name.
Another news is that the delay you have experienced is a proof that you are have been shortlisted among those who shall have exceptional children. Believe it and receive it. The same was the case of Abraham & Sarah, Manoah & wife, Elkanah & Hannah, Zacharias & Elizabeth.
It is not a time to fight your spouse nor to envy any other person. You’ve got to make sure you are a child of God and remained so. Believe every of God’s word like this, ignore negative feelings and maintain your joy. Believe me your Testimony shall be of unequalled brand.
Below are some recent reported testimonies that I witness to that effect:

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The first testimony is that of a set of jovial servants of the Most High God who believed God for His word for them and defied all discouragements. They unexpectedly waited for a about fifteen years after going through a series of situations. God visited them after a miscarriage when they were asked to relax their intimacy for 6 months. Within the period,the woman discovered she was with a child. And after 9 months it was a miracle child. Surprisingly, fifteen days later she felt somehow, and in the hospital she gave birth to another bouncing baby. Whats going on in your mind now? I’m not talking Medical science but describing the Acts of God.

Another testimony is that of a very lively and lovely couple that wedded gloriously to enjoy every God’s blessing ( including the fruits of the womb) meant for their marriage as Children of God. But, it did not happen that way, year in year out. But, being God servants and genuine lovers to each other, they motivated each other with good friendship and good service unto the Lord that it was difficult for outsiders to believe they were still waiting. After seventeen years God wiped their tears and gave them a set of Triplet to the glory of God.

This is yet a testimony of another delayed couple. God miraculously gave them a child after some years. And less than eight month after the delivery of the child, she conceived again. To the glory of God, she pushed and gave birth to a beautiful baby. She was congratulated by the midwives. She rejected it and said, “My father in the Lord said, it is a year of Double Portion, so it is two!” The midwife then asked her to push in order to satisfy her. Guess what! She brought brought forth another child.
It is your turn for your outstanding testimony.  It shall no further delay in Jesus name.





Segun Oluwatodu is a young man whose strength lies extensively in Word of God and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. An Electrical Engineer by Training, a Teacher of the Word, and an Instrumentalist. He can be reached on Email:, Twitter: @Olusegun_McJay 08060605288