Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)

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Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)

-Bisi Adewale

Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)

Before you can become the wife God want you to be, you must be the kind of woman that can make a marriage work, you need to develop your wifehood and become the woman that make things happen at home, a WIFE not a KNIFE, your husband’s BODY not his BURDEN, the heartbeat of the home, not the one that causes heart attack.

Let’s look at the type of wives that are in town today:

(A).        Possessive Wives: – They are wives that see their husbands as theirs only, no member of his family should move closer, she believes it is “me and my husband”, they are so hostile to their mother-in-law, they are abusive and make life difficult with anybody that wants to share their husband with them. They are suspect everywhere of their men with any lady; they are suspicious and can easily develop high blood pressure as they are giving themselves unnecessary problem in policing their husband. Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)

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(B).        Olympic Wives- These do not see marriage as a team work, they are in constant war with their husbands, they are members of “woman liberation force” who believe, wives should not be submissive to their husbands, they fight for the headship of the family, contest every decision of their husbands, new generation of these kind of women believes house chore should be shared between them and their husbands (may be a roaster should be made for it). Wives are in constant “contest” at home, they see their husbands as rivals instead of partners. Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)

(C).     Iron Lady Wives: – These are women with big jobs, strong purse and fat bank accounts. Most of the time they are richer than their husbands, because of this they made themselves the “head” of the family, controlling everything in it including the man, to them; she who pay the bills dictate the direction of the home, their husbands are like house boy in the house, children are given authority to do whatever they desire to do, since a house where woman rules is a home without a ruler.

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These kinds of women are proud, stubborn and arrogant. They want anybody that care to listen to know that they brought everything in the house and they back orders in the house like an army commander. These kind of women combines financial power with their sex power, they use it to control their men. They give only their bodies to their men whenever they wish, in the Bible of these women Eph. 5:22, 33 do not exist.

(D).        Celebration Wives: – They love parties and celebration, they are societal wives, they are unfaithful to their men, they are always busy at weekends, all “Aso ebi” must bought, all parties must be attended, either their husband likes it or not.Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)

They occasionally frown parties, they do frown parties for their birthday every year, they always look for opportunity to celebrate.

(E).        Career Wives: –These are woman who are more committed to their works than homes, they do commit their husband and children into the hands of the house maid while they junketing the globe as they try to rise in their career.Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)


If you allow your jobs to take priority over your husband, you are digging a deep grave for your home and your joy. After God, your husband should be number one in your life, then your children then your work. (Proverbs 14:1) Kinds Of Woman In Marriage (Part 1)