Five Questions Every Student Should Answer


Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

To become a succeeding student who eventually graduates into a successful graduate is not always an easy task otherwise we will have less failing students, and the number of jobless plus incompetent graduates won’t be alarming. Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

The challenge I see on Nigerian campuses is that of a situation where many students are negligent of the reason(s) for which they’re in school and the fact that their actions or inactions are closely linked to what could come next after graduation.Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

To help you overcome this challenge, here are 5 questions you should provide sincere answers to. You might want to write them down along with the answers and review some of it periodically because life itself is a learning process; we learn and unlearn every day.

1. Why are you in school? Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

Are you in school to gain knowledge?

Is it because of the certificate?

Or could it because you wish to be able to secure a great job and a good life after graduation?

You might easily pop out answers that sound like the ones above however, I’ll want you critically review your answer(s) because providing a sincere and the right answer will definitely influence the things you do, the way you act as a student and the things you consider important.

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2. What is your background?

What kind of home do you come from? Do you know your roots?

Going through school conscious of the ‘home you come from’ is important.

If where you come from provides you with no uncles or aunties who can reserve a federal government job for you then you might want to sit up and reject the lifestyle of your classmates who have their future worked out because they’ve got family members in high places.

While a student, I knew that an extra year was never an option because it was clear that there was no provision for extra school fees hence an extra year meant I’ll have to pay the fees myself. Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

To become successful, you need to be true to yourself. Don’t spend your life on campus as though you were born with a silver spoon when in the real sense you were born with no spoon at all.

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3. What is success to you?

As you journey through school it is crucial for you to write down what success will look like at the end of the journey. Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

State what you’ll need to have at the end of your school that will make you feel successful. This will help to keep you away from being distracted by the successes of others.

Create a mind picture of who you will look like and the things you’ll possess at the end of your program.

Will having a grade point average of 3.5 be success for you? Will finishing with a business venture along with good grades be success for you?

4. Why will you succeed?

Don’t just fanaticize about how successful you intent to be after school.

Why do you think you will achieve your goals? Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

Answering this question will provide you with an arsenal of strategies you will work with to achieve your answer to question 3.

The best way to go about answering this question is to use the 2 magical words: ‘if… then…’

For example if success for you is graduating with a second class upper, then the question to ‘why will you succeed’? Can be like:

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If I maintain a GP of 3.5 every semester, then I can graduate with a second class upper.

5. What should come next after graduation?

What will you want to do next after leaving school?

I get to see many students graduate into confusion. They finish school and start wondering what next to do. Many also find it difficult in knowing what next to do because they failed to prepare for ‘the next life after school’. Five Questions Every Student Should Answer

The number one reason why knowing what you will want to do next immediately after graduation is important is because now is the best time to begin preparation.

Will it be a second degree, Postgraduate studies, Job-hunting, or Entrepreneurship?

When you don’t know what you want to do, you can’t plan or prepare. You should know by now that getting out of school ill prepared is no longer funny.

Decide on what you’ll want to do next after graduation and start to plan for it.

Now let’s talk. What other question do you recommend every student should ask?

We will succeed!