25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage

Remain In Love With Your Husband

25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage

Bisi Adewale

25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage

Every couple need to combine efforts to rekindle love in  marriage in order to enjoy heaven on earth. Yes, it can happen and it will happen. 25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage


(1)        Close your heart to divorce. Never think of divorce; never allow it to cross your mind. Always remember God did not create an exit door in marriage therefore never allow it to cross your mind.

(2)        Never think you miss-married. No! You did not. You are married to your own husband /wife. Let your mind be at rest over this. Do not allow the devil to deceive you.25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage

(3)        Decide. Make up your mind to make your marriage work by all means. Your decision determines the success of your marriage.

(4)        Forgiveness. Decide to forgive your partner no matter the past. Behave like diamond miners; remove the dirt to get the glitters.

(5)        Write every good thing he has done for you in the past during your courtship days, before you started courting and in the earliest part of your marriage. Do you know that it is easier to forget past good deeds and remember old hurts? 25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage


(6)        Renew your heart with the word of God. Let the word of God be your guide by meditating on it,

(7)        Appreciate generously. Honour and commend each other. Appreciate each other to become positive partners.

(8)        Self-examination. Stop the blame game; do not blame your spouse. Check yourself and look in the mirror for the real troubler of your marriage.

(9)        Golden hours. Devote one hour everyday (during the week) two hours (on weekends) to each other for seven weeks. This may be in the day or at night. Switch off the phone, T. V, computer game and laptop. Fold the newspapers, put the children away and sit very close to each other. Sit on each other’s laps and massage each other. Talk, talk and talk. Share your mind and be open. Crack jokes and speak the truth but in love. Then pray together.

(10)      Bring out your wedding pictures and video tape for joint viewing.

(11)      Repeat your wedding vows

(12)      Date each other. Take her out. Three is a crowd; go out hands in hands.

(13)      Share your vision for your marriage and children with each other again often.

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(14)      Buy surprise gifts for each other; don’t wait till special days. Do it today. Do it NOW!

(15)      Confess positive things about your marriage and say “I love you” generously.

(16)      Make up your mind to be a source of blessing to your spouse. 25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage

(17)      If you want God to touch your marriage, then touch your spouse. Touch is the most basic form of communication. A rich body touch can enhance marriage. Don’t just touch in the bedroom when you need sex. No! Touch in the kitchen, living room; on the way to the market, and as you prepare to sleep. A good bye peck, welcome kiss, holding of hands, an encouraging hand on the shoulders, an enthusiastic embrace, a surprise touch on the breast, hands on the lap, sleep in each other’s arms, massage each other’s body. It is a way to communicate care, intimacy and affection. It is a way to tell your spouse “I value you”.

(18)      Practical apology. Do not be too big to apologise.

(19)      Perform your duties no matter what happens. Despite your hurt, cook for your husband, give your wife the house keeping allowance, talk to her. This is a sign of maturity.


(20)      Give room for good, long and enjoyable sex. Make more love; make love happen.

(21)      Cross responsibility. Avoid listing some duties as wife or husband responsibilities at home, let your responsibility become a “cross responsibility”. Support your wife in the kitchen and help your man to pay bills. Men should learn how to babysit.

(22)      Use “Vitamin C” for your marriage. These are: courtesy, commitment, contentment, commendation, communication, character, care, common purpose, compassion and companionship.

(23)      Extra Mile. Go the extra mile for your spouse; let there be surprises. Offer surprise gift, surprise birthday bash, surprise forgiveness and exceed his/her expectation. Satisfy her at the expense of your joy, privilege or pleasure.

(24)      Spouse-centered life. Live a spouse centered life. Let your spouse be part of your plan, goal, prayer and day. Enjoy being together; give your spouse your attention. Listen with rapt attention when he/she talks; find time to rest together and accept him/her totally.

(25)      Involve God. Above all, involve God in your marriage. Pray for and with your spouse. Study the Bible together. Let there be family altar. Fellowship together and listen to Christian music. Let the fear of God guide your marriage. 25 Ways To Rekindle Love In Marriage