Marriage Building Habits


Marriage Building Habits

-Bisi Adewale

Marriage Building Habits

Developing a blissful marriage becomes easier if we can develop what we refer to as ‘Home Builder Habits’. The opposite of this is the ‘Home Killer Habits’ . There is no neutral ground between these habits. What makes marriage difficult is that most couples have home killing habits.Marriage Building Habits

Here, I want to open your eyes to Home Builder Habits:

a. Love checked tongue: Let love control your mouth; highly successful couples learnt how to say the difficult truth in a loving way without hurting their spouses. Do not just talk but talk with love. No matter how angry you are, never speak to hurt or to pull down your spouse; let your tongue be a builder at home, never be a killer. Marriage Building Habits

b. Donate pleasure: Most people give only hurts to their spouses, but highly successful couples gives pleasure to their spouses. Always ask yourself this question before you do anything “Is what I am about to do or say going to cause my spouse pain or pleasure?” .If you are sure it will give pleasure, go ahead and do it. A successful marriage is simply a marriage where parties involved have mastered the art of giving pleasure to each other. Marriage Building Habits

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c. Be a round-table lover: Never be a battlefield person or a fighter, be a round-table personality and a lover. Let all the battles be fought at the round-table. Talk about it, and do not forget the first habit of using a love checked tongue as you talk it out. You must be a crisis manager; reconcile and never retaliate. Be a peace maker, never a truce breaker, be a positive partner. Marriage Building Habits

d. Spouse consciousness: Make your spouse Number one on your ‘to do list’. Indifference is one of the strongest killers of marriage and couples in bad marriages are fond of committing this great crime. Most people do not think about their spouses and have no plan to be together. Lack of attention is very dangerous to the success of any marriage. Cherish the opportunity to be with your spouse.Marriage Building Habits