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-Oba Samuel


Children’s day is here again. Congratulations to the children on this special day. This day is so special to children. That is why the government separates a special day to mark it annually. As a  Father, there are numerous ways you can celebrate your children on this special day. They are: CHILDREN’S DAY:WHAT FATHERS CAN DO 

1.Pray For Them – One of the best ways to celebrate your children on this special occasion is to pray for them and pray with them. Make them your prayer focus for the day. Mention their names one after the other in your prayers. Pray for them to love and serve the Lord, ask God to give them the spirit of obedience, excellence and wisdom.CHILDREN’S DAY:WHAT FATHERS CAN DO 

2.Treat them Like A VIP – Since it is their day, give them VIP treatment. Make them feel important by allowing them to dictate what the whole family will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let everybody in the family abide strictly by this. This simple gesture will make them happy.CHILDREN’S DAY:WHAT FATHERS CAN DO 

  1. Surprise, Surprise – Give them a very big surprise for the day. Get them special gifts they can not imagine. If there’s any particular item like a bicycle, ball or clothes they have been asking for before now, a day like this will be an appropriate time to get it for them as a surprise.CHILDREN’S DAY:WHAT FATHERS CAN DO 

4.Take them out – This modern day demands on parents time because of source of income and rat race have deprive most children the opportunity of having a time-out with their parents. Please, prove to them that you love and value them by closing early from work to take them to an eatery or recreational centre where you can play, wine and dine together. Please, take your children out for a special treat without hurting your pocket. This will make them happy and it will register in their memory.WHAT FATHERS CAN DO FOR THEIR CHILDREN ON CHILDREN’S DAY

  1. Pay For Them – On a day like this, lots of shows are been organised in honour of children by schools, media houses and corporate bodies. Make your findings very well before you pay for them to attend because there’re some that will expose them to negative and ungodly lifestyle. Allow them to attend programme that will add value to them with spiritual and moral standard. Though, they need to have some fun but not a destiny destroying ride.WHAT FATHERS CAN DO FOR THEIR CHILDREN ON CHILDREN’S DAY. Happy children’s day!!!OBA SAMUEL is a family and relationship coach.A seasoned speaker in singles and couples conferences.Happily married to his queen-Oluwakemi;a babe of rare qualities and they are blessed with Tripple G children.Connect me on Twitter @PastorOba .E-mail:
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