7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You


7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You

-Oba Samuel

7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You

If you have ever being in love before; you will understand how body language communicates deep feeling interest between two people without verbal communication.To my young and inexperience guys,I really want to open your eyes to this all important aspect of our lives.7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You

  1. Looking forward to be paired with you-Most times,ladies find it difficult to make their interest in a guy known to him but they do it through other means like making sure that you are paired with her.A lady in question will do everything possible to paired with you either in a group assignment or during evangelism where most of the time a brother is paired with a sister.If you notice that she always find her way to be in your group….hmnnn! Your guess is as good as mine.7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You
  2. Always willing to Offer Assistant-Please whatch-out for a lady who is always there and willing to offer help to you without being ask.Even at the odd moments when you are in need of food after church program or fasting,she can part with her food while she sleeps with empty stomach.When you need money or any academic assistance,she will gladly offer it even when it is not convenient.7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You
  3. Initiate a conversation And keep the flow-Girls that will not want you to just sit down beside them in the same hall, class, reception, waiting room or fellowship without saying a word. Though, you may want to keep to yourself but she will initiate a conversation and also keep the flow of the conversation for long until your body chemistry starts responding to her specimen. After this, you will just notice that you are always looking forward to speaking or chatting with her. Whaooo! Love ignited! 7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You
  4. Want people to see you together-If she always want to be seen together with you in public glare, it’s a sign that she is putting ownership seal on you. Being with always in the public is her own way of warding off all other ladies who may be nursing the intention of being your babe. Once people starts seeing you together often, the will conclude that you are in a relationship. Even if you don’t have the mind for it; people’s comment may press  your emotional button towards it.
  5. Text often-This type of lady will text you often. Though her text message may not include love words but it has romantic undertone. This will make her Pick your calls with joy, call daily, visit your Facebook,Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter accounts to make comments on your postings ,liking and sharing them. She is using all that to make you know that she value you and you occupy an important place in her heart.
  6. Try to befriend you and win your friends And siblings-Another way to detect if a lady is interested in you is that she will strive to be your friend even you are an introvert. She will not only befriend you ,she will also go extra-mile to win all your friends and also get along with your siblings. In doing this, your friends and siblings will be pushing you to look into her direction as a potential wife.
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7.Talks To People About You-In the league of single ladies where guys are being x-ray, she will speak positively about you. In fact I have seen a lady who was always speaking positively about a particular guy to his childhood friend because she knows that through the friend the message will get to him so that he can look into her direction. 7 Ways To Know If A Lady Is Interested In You

Please note that all the above points are good but these should not be your basis for marrying a lady. Pray very well, check character and seek counsel. These books by Bisi Adewale will be of help to you: 32 Guys & Ladies You Must Never Marry, Wisdom For Choosing  A life-partner and 32 Ways To Know True Love. Call this number 08051512823.

OBA SAMUEL is a family and relationship coach.A seasoned speaker in singles and couples conferences.Happily married to his queen-Oluwakemi;a babe of rare qualities and they are blessed with Tripple G children.Connect me on Twitter @PastorOba .E-mail: obasamuel09@gmail.com