– Bisi Adewale 

Lack of improvement or boredom in marriage is one of the major reasons some men cheat on their wives. Unfortunately, most wives do nothing to improve their marriages or avoid routines that lead to boredom making their husbands get tired of them.

It is essential that I intimate you on how to improve your marriage, become a better wife, make your home a place your husband longs to be and a place of rest for you.


1.     Be committed to change. The only thing constant in life is change; you were not cast in marble. You can change and you need to change. Be committed to change and make yourself open to change. Change your actions, reactions, characters, habits, dressing, etc, note, I am referring to positive change. If your husband complains about any area of your life, see it as an opportunity to improve your marriage. Remember, a wise woman builds her home.

2.     Improve your communication. Speak to him with respect; avoid curses, abusive words and nagging. Do not be too much of a talker. Always speak the truth in love. Avoid lying to him because such habits are challenging to erase when started. The destruction of most marriages starts from the tongue; be careful how you use it. Avoid criticism, and condemnation, and don’t be judgmental. Rather be kind with your words, motivate him, appreciate, commend, celebrate, pray for him, and apologize when you are wrong. You can’t win a man and keep him to yourself with a bad tongue.


Do not dominate the conversation, no matter how much you know, allow him to take the lead in conversations.

3.     Do something new. Be creative; make new dishes, decorate the house differently on regular basis, improve your mode of dressing, buy new things, and break your routine. Remove boredom; spice up your marriage.

4.     Surprise him. Everybody loves surprises. This could be expressed in gifts, a performance on the bed, or even an unexpected date. Do not forget to give him a surprise birthday celebration. Surprises are not only beneficial to the man, but to the wife as well because at that moment everyone is happy.

5.     Smile often and laugh at his joke. It has been proven medically that it pays more to smile than to frown. So why put pressure on your health by frowning? Enjoy cracking jokes with your husband even if the joke sounds stale. No man likes to spend time with a moody woman, be wise.

6.     Respect him. If you feel your husband is not worthy of respect, why did you marry him in the first place? You need to make your husband your lord; treat him as the king that he is. Don’t try to prove that you know too much, especially in the presence of your children, neighbours, friends, or even your family members. Other women are known to handle their “catch” delicately, giving the man a sense of respect. Unfortunately, some women respect other men than their husbands. Be a different lady, respect your husband, and do not wait for him to earn his respect; go ahead and respect him.

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7.     Take care of your appearance. How does he want you to look; is he delighted with your looks? What is his definition of a beautiful woman, do you match that picture? Remember, men are moved by what they see. You may lose him if you do not look like the lady he admires. Do you need to slim down a little? Do you need to improve your appearance? Can you dress better? I believe you can. Improve your looks and dress sense without looking immoral. Be meticulous about your colour combinations; no awkward colour. Wear very good and sexy nightgowns for your husband. Maternity gowns too can be fashionable and trendy not the ones that will look as if you are wearing a parachute. Underwear must be clean, new and modern. Be wise, win and keep your husband.

8.     Befriend Him. Don’t sideline yourself as being just a wife; be his best friend. Chat with him, play with him, support him, defend him, be his fan, be there for him, celebrate his strengths, cover his weaknesses, and let him be very happily married to you. Let him be able to trust you and confide in you.


9.     Add romance to your life. One of the major problems with wives is that, they have become romantically bankrupt. In most cases, when the wife becomes pregnant, she loses her sense of romance with her husband. Some begin to divert their attention to their children in the name of caring for them. This is vital because strange women are known to be very romantic enough to outdo the wife and make the man forget her (the wife) forever, to improve your marriage and reconnect with your girlish instinct of romance.

10.             Celebrate special days. Celebrate his birthday, your wedding anniversary, father’s day, valentine or any other day; ignite the spirit of celebration in the home. This can be achieved with good food, music, dance and good sex. Let him always look forward to special days.

11.       Spice up your sex life. Understand his need in the bedroom. Strive to meet these needs. I will advise you to get this book from my wife and I for yourself


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