-Oba Samuel


MY ATM HUSBAND  INDEED-Men are in sizes,husbands are in varieties.

Varieties of husbands is the bane behind women’s different results in marriage.Some end up being happy while many see it as a mysterious adventure.MY ATM HUSBAND  INDEED.

1.A-AVAILABLE:These are set of men that are every woman’s delight because they are always available.No matter how busy or demanding their job may be,they always create time for their wife and children.His wife never  live a life of loneliness experienced by most modern day wives because he always include his wife and children in his to-do list.MY ATM HUSBAND  INDEED.

Mr.Available often create time to talk,play and relax with his children and wife.He see it as a must to take his wife and children out to church and resort centres,spending quality time with his family is not negotiable.He is always available to serve God willingly,not being forced by wife.MY ATM HUSBAND  INDEED.

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2.T-TRANSPARENT:A transparent husband is trustworthy,plain and truthful.He says what he mean to say and he mean what he says.The wife of a transparent husband don’t live in insecurity. She is free from the fear of extra-marital affairs or having a child outside wedlock. This kind of husband is transparent sexually,financially,communication,his job/ministry and in every aspect of his life .MY ATM HUSBAND  INDEED.

3.M-MANAGER:This kind of husband is quality man who know how to manage his wife,children,career,job,ministry and resources perfectly without failing in any. He has learned how to strike a good balance between his career/ministry and his home- front not allowing one to affect the other.

Fellow husband, be the dream man of your wife. Be the next A.T.M husband!

OBA SAMUEL is a family and relationship coach.A seasoned speaker in singles and couples conferences.Happily married to his queen-Oluwakemi;a babe of rare qualities and they are blessed with Tripple G children.Connect me on Twitter @PastorOba .E-mail:


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