Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her


Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her

-Bisi Adewale

Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her-‘Husbands, love your wives and do not be bitter against them” (Colosian 3: 19).

Most husbands behave like terror at home, they command, order, give rules, laws and regulations like a military government ruling with decrees. Beloved, you can’t rule a woman and get a friend and lover out of her, you can only make her, a stubborn, contentious, rebellious and nagging woman.Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her


A bad marriage is not just the work of the devil, it is a product of bad leadership born out of ignorance and foolishness of many husbands who thought to be bossy, revengeful, wicked is the. best way to be a real husband. most husband erroneously believe that the best way to lead a woman is to boss her and be very hard on her, they contend that if you are not hard on a woman, she will start to take you for granted, “but if you show the lion in you as the man in house, she will follow you with honour, respect and reverence” they do say.Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her

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The truth is, a woman is like a pet (a dog) if you pet her, she will love and kiss you, if you beat her she will bite you.Don’t lord your wife, love her, make her feel at home with you, treat her like a lady if you want her to treat you like a real man. Pamper her, hug her, kiss her, embrace her, defend her, support her, help her in the kitchen, help her with the children, appreciate her efforts, cherish her beauty speak kindly to her, speak like a “lover boy” not like a military commander or like a slave master.Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her

Your wife is what you make her to be and your marriage is what you make your wife to be, you can’t be a bully at home and have a beloved wife, you. can’t be a tiger as the husband and not have a tigress ‘as wife, if you are a beater then your wife will be a fighter if you are a terror, your wife will be an error or even horror in your life.Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her


Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her-“So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies, he who loves his wife loves himself Eph. 5:25 “If you are in love with your wife you are doing yourself a lot of favour, if you are fighting your wife, you are putting your destiny on trial, real men are not trouble makers but trouble shooters, real men are not truce breakers . but peace makers, real men don’t kick their wives, they kiss them, real men don’t hate their wives, they create room for in their heart, real men are lovers not just husbands, real men care for children, they don’t just father them, real men are not just in the 10Td, they are also in love with their wives, real men don’t only pay tithes, they also provide for their family.Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her

Attention, fellow men, let rise up to make the most of our life, let turn our marriage to garden of Eden, let appreciate God  forgiving us those beautiful ‘girls” we call our wives, remove your fighting GLOVE, put on your eternal LOVE, make your wife a Queen, she will make you a King, do not beat her wife with your fist, but better her life with your attention, do not negotiate intimacy, never allow tears to drop from her eyes because of the way you are treating her, if she must shed tears let it be a tear of joy, let your wife enjoy you, let her appreciate God for making you her husband. Let your daughters pray for a husband like you, let the wives of your sons rejoice in future because they (your sons) resemble their father (you) in character and attitude, let the lord most high be happy with you. Please don’t LORD your beloved wife, please LOVE her.Love Your Wife,Don’t Lord Her

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