How to Express Love to Your Husband


How to Express Love to Your Husband

-Yomi Adewale

How to Express Love to Your Husband

Being a virtuous woman demands a lot of things like character, homeliness, humility, generosity

and so on. However, there is one salient ingredient that must not be missing if you must become

irresistible to her husband, and this is the fact that; you must be very good in the bedroom. You

must not be a traditional woman or a religious bigot who considers sex with her husband as a ;sin

unto death;. Rather, you must knows that sex (creative sex) is mandatory if the home must come

alive.How to Express Love to Your Husband

You should not be oblivious of the fact, that men are generally crazy about sex and this is one

thing that can cause serious problems at home. Sex can set the home ablaze if used wrongly and

it can set it aglow if rightly used. Apparently, the secret of any irresistible woman, whose

husband can never be snatched by strange women is good sex; terrific and creative sex. If you

are a proud queen of your life, or a high-minded woman who thinks she owns her body and can

use sex as she likes, you need to stop such act before you set your home on fire.How to Express Love to Your Husband

Apparently, if you desire to win your husband by becoming the number one influence in his life

you need to be conscious of the fact that through creative sex life you can preserve your home. If

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you wish to win the heart of your man, coupled with a readiness to use anything womanly

possible to maintain a blissful home, then learn how to make your hubby happy sexually.

How to Express Love to Your Husband

Love is like a game of football, nobody will appreciate your skill until you display it. Likewise

your husband will not know how much you love him until you demonstrate it. Put the following

things in to action and see how awesome your man could be:How to Express Love to Your Husband

1. Say ;I love  often to him.

2. Tell him often that you are happy to marry him.

3. Cook his food promptly.

4. Listen to him when he talks.

5. Pray with him often.

6. Sit on his lap when you are alone.

7. Tell him he is handsome, brilliant and wealthy.

8. Occasionally, take his food to him in the bedroom before he gets up especially on weekends.

9. Sit down with him as he watches football or any other programme on TV.

10. Learn some things about his job and discuss these with him.

11. Scrub his back for him in the bathroom as you take your bath together.

12. Write a love letter and post it to him in the office.

13. Call him on phone just to say, "I love you".

14. Give him gifts often.

15. Tell him that the best thing that ever happened to you after your salvation is him.

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16. Ask for his opinion often and follow it. This will boost his ego.

17. Sit down with him in the living room and place your head on his lap when alone.

18. If your children do anything good, tell them they took after their father.

19. Take the first move in bed. Tell him gently I want your touch, my love, Don’t be ashamed.

He is your husband

20. Write love poems for him and read it to him as he is relaxing

21. Welcome him home with a hug.How to Express Love to Your Husband

22. Ask for forgiveness when you offend him.

23. Never disagree with him publicly.

24. Laugh to his jokes even though you have heard them so many times. It shows him you love


25. Read the Bible to his hearing.

26. Never disagree with him when he disciplines the children.

27. Always allow him to teach you and ask questions.

28. Hang his picture in your office and in the room.How to Express Love to Your Husband

29. When he is not driving and you are travelling together, place your head on his chest or lap

and sleep off.How to Express Love to Your Husband

30. Love his mother and other relations.

31. Never raise your voice when talking to him.

32. Whisper in his ears when he is in the crowd and tell him;I love you;, ;you are handsome",

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"you look like a king".

42. Ask him what do you want me to do better in my cooking?

43. Write and paste a romantic message for him in the bedroom.How to Express Love to Your Husband

44. Help him to massage his body; spend time on the back, thigh, tummy, chest, face, buttocks,

leg, etc.How to Express Love to Your Husband

45. Send gifts to his mother often

46. Give him the needed attention

47. Prepare his favourite meal for him

48. Dress well and walk smartly

49. Help him as he dresses out for an outing

50. Appreciate him at the end of the month in company of the children for taking care of you

throughout the month.Ho

Pastor (Mrs) Yomi Adewale is a child of God, terrific wife , a mother,
marriage counsellor,and a senior lecturer and Director of studies at
College of Marriage Success. She is also the Vice President of Family Booster Ministries
Co-host of: TERRIFIC WIVES’ SUMMIT .An arm of Family Booster Min Int’l
She is the Author of the book titled “The making of a great wife” and many other books she
co-authored with her husband.
Yomi is a Fellow of the Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria(ICAN) and a chartered tax practitioner. she is the CEO of PIC Consulting.

Yomi is happily married to Bisi Adewale: a renowned marriage counselor and family

w to Express Love to Your Husband