Laying Foundation For Marriage


Laying Foundation For Marriage

Bisi Adewale

Laying Foundation For Marriage

No true building can stand the test of time without a solid foundation, therefore for marriage to

stand the test of time the foundation of such marriage should be critically work upon and be

solid. Here, listed some of the component of a solid foundation:Laying Foundation For Marriage

1. Good Character. "Houses are built through wisdom and by understanding it is established."

Develop good attitude that will make your marriage material and marketable. You need to purge

yourself of every bad character like talkativeness, nagging, abuses, keeping malice, anger, pride,

backbiting, gossiping, anger, stubbornness, and what have you. All these combined together to

uproot anybody from a good life and marriage. Work on yourself and allow God to breathe on

you and make you develop good character such as kindness, forgiving spirit, humility, neatness,

joyous, happiness, hospitality, all these combined will grant good marriage with God on your

side.Laying Foundation For Marriage

2. Good Choice. There no decision without a choice and whatever choice you make today

determines your future. If you choose wrongly, you will live your choice and if you allow God to


determine your marital choice; you will have a good marriage. Avail yourself the opportunity to

make God lead you to choices in life.

3. Good Communication. If you do not know how to talk well, you will not be favor by people.

Learn when and when not to talk. Proverbs 4:7 says, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore

get wisdom. And with all thy getting, get understanding." You must act and react wisely at all

individual difference. Develop a large heart to accommodate people with their difference. This

attitude will help you a lot in your marriage. Shalom! Laying Foundation For Marriage

Good Things That Give a Good Marriage

Every creature of God is good; the intention of God for creating marriage is good. Believe and

receive this fact in Jesus name. Amen! Laying Foundation For Marriage

1.Good God. ”Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; fear God and keep His

commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. Acquaint now, thyself with Him and be at

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peace; thereby good shall come unto thee”. Job 22:21. God Almighty is needed in the boat of

your marriage for you to sail through and not capsized. If you are yet to give your life to Jesus

and you think you can have it good in the area of marriage; you are deceiving yourself. Surrender

your totality to Him today and He will lead you aright. Your flesh and sins will lead you astray,

fornication will not give you a good marriage it is righteous life that can make God happy with

you and bless you with a good husband/wife. Accept Jesus today.Laying Foundation For Marriage

2. Good Foundation. ”;If the foundations be destroyed; what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3.

Solid foundation is needed for a good marriage. Lay a foundation that cannot be pulled down by

winds and storms of life. The foundation of any building determines the durability of whatever

structure you have put on it. If you want a lasting marriage then erect a good foundation that will

not make the building of your marriage to collapse. Here are some ingredient, you must put


together to have a good foundation:

Genuine Conversion. Be recognized by God so that you can receive from Him a good marital


Be prayerful. Prayer is needed for a glorious marriage.

Be patient. Do not be in haste; nobody can marry the man and woman God has destined for you.

Allow God to lead you. Your naked eyes can only see the physical; but with spiritual eyes

through God; you can see the content and make up of any man and woman. Romans 8:14.

Godly Counsel. Let godly and elderly people especially your pastor and father in the Lord guide

you with spiritual knowledge and experience. ”For by wise counsel, thou shall make thy war; and

in multitude of counselors there is safety” Laying Foundation For Marriage


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.””Laying Foundation For Marriage