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10 skills To Make Your Marriage Excellent

10 skills To Make Your Marriage Excellent


10 skills To Make Your Marriage Excellent

-Bisi Adewale

10 skills To Make Your Marriage Excellent

A successful marriage is not a product of wishful thinking or prayer and fasting only; it is a product of skills successfully developed by individual involved in the marriage. If you desire a successful marriage, work to develop the following skills:10 skills To Make Your Marriage Excellent

Spiritual life skill
Marriage does not emanate from man, it starts with God. That means, marriage is not just physical, it is spiritual. So to make it work, you need to sharpen your spiritual life.

Romance skill
Marriage can be boring without romance. Its absence makes many to feel lonely while their spouse is at home. To keep experiencing the romance of honeymoon in your marriage, the skill needs to be learned and developed.

Cooking skill
Bad cooking has severely injured the marriage of many couples. This stresses the importance of good food to the success of a marriage (Proverbs 31: 14 – 15). Men love delicious food and because food matters to them, any woman that must remain relevant in their heart must be excellent at cooking.

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Leadership skill
“Everything rises and falls on leadership” John Maxwell.
Leadership is the major determining factor of a blissful or failed marriage (Ephesians 5:23).
Many wives suffer in marriage today due to the bad leadership style of their husbands.

Parenting skill
Train your children. You can’t be a trainer if you have not been trained (Genesis 14: 14, Proverbs 22: 6). There are lots of wayward children in the society today because most parents were not trained.

Communication skill
Communication is a vital ingredient in building a successful marriage. Married couples should do more to improve their communication skill if they are to enjoy their marriage

Financial management
The role of money in marriage cannot be overemphasized. Its importance covers payment for house rents, food, power supply, fuel, clothes, transportation, children school fees, just to mention a few. Adequate management skill of money is so vital because lack of money and mismanagement of it can make a marriage difficult.

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Stress management
The demand of modern day life paves way for much stress among couples and lack of skill in handling it can lead to conflicts and untimely death.

Home management skill.10 skills To Make Your Marriage Excellent
Don’t go into marriage without developing your home management skill because marriage will test your home management ability.

Health management skill
Health is life. No health, no marriage. Bad health normally puts a strain on marriage. That is why you must improve your skill on health management.1

skills To Make Your Marriage Excellent