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write for us Bisi AdewaleWRITE FOR US
We are looking for Writers all over the world to write about topics they are passionate about as it affects family life

Time Commitment: One post a week is the minimum requirement. However, you are free to post as many times as possible per week

Benefits: We do not pay our writers. May be in the future, we will be able to do that, but we give our writers adequate exposure on the site and link to their own site or blog.

Submission Guidelines

Kindly read the writer’s guideline below about submission of article to www.bisiadewale.com

1: All articles must be written to promote family well-being, must never be in support of divorce, gay marriage, child abuse, wife battery, sexual infidelity, sex before marriage, child labor, Abortion,Pornography,political affiliation, hatred and racism
2: We are interested in original, unpublished, straight to the point and practical contents.
3. Articles about Relationships,marriage,courtship,dating,choice making,wedding,honey moon,family health,family finance,Child care,Parenting,Men,Women,Singleness,Teenagers are generally welcome.
4.  We are particularly interested in articles written with easy-to-read, bullet-pointed tips, five or more numbered items, or “action lists” to summarize/augment the piece.
The following are a few ideas you can use for article structure:

–  Step-by-step how-to guides
–  Bulleted or numbered lists
–  Checklists
–  Top 10 lists

4: Our features run from 350 to 600 words, depending on the subject
5: We’re happy to work with previously unpublished writers if their styles and skills meet our standards for content.
6: Before submitting your article, please make sure you meet all writers’ guidelines and requirements:
–           Author’s contact information must be included
–           Article is completely original and not published elsewhere on the web.
(If it is ever published anywhere on the net before; please, supply the link to the place)
–           Article is written with unbiased views and non-advertorial style
–           Submission is an article, rather than a press release
–           Article length is 400-600 words (unless otherwise assigned)
–           60 to 80 words summary about-the-author