Virtues Of Lasting Marriage 1


Virtues Of Lasting Marriage 1
To avoid traumatic marriage and have romantic one; some virtues must be in place. Don’t just say you trust God for a better marriage, work for it. Work on yourself, rebuild the altar of your marriage and move forward. The following virtues must be in place for your marriage to be a successful one.

1.Humility. Most of the crisis at home today can be trace to pride, arrogance, stubbornness, and strong headedness. Humility is a virtue that must be displayed by both husband and wife if marriage must move forward.

2.Selfishness. Selfishness is an enemy of team work. Four cardinal point of self in marriage (which are ‘I, me, mine and myself’) cannot allow any home to move forward. For marriage to be okay; self justification, self-knowledge, self-decision, self-glorification, self-judgment and solo-vision must be set ablaze.

3.Transparency. Openness and transparency is need in any home that will experience peace.

4.Forgiveness. Forgiveness is another marriage building virtue; no marriage can go far without forgiveness. Malice, resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness are termites that can eat up any marriage.

5.Trust. Trust help to build a better marriage. You can trust somebody you don’t really love but it is impossible to genuinely love somebody you don’t trust.

6.Truthfulness. Truthfulness is the raw material for trust. Learn to speak the truth no matter the cost. If you allow your spouse to see you as a liar; then he/she will see you as somebody that is not trustworthy
7.Self-Control. Self-control will teach you how to handle yourself in the face of anger. It will hold you together when things go wrong. It will teach you how to handle both failure and success.

8.Self-denial. A good marriage is a product of service and sacrifice by the people involved. Self-denial makes sacrifice easy. To serve your spouse, you must be ready to deny yourself.

9.Joy. Nobody will love to live with sad, moody and unhappy person. Joy is the foundation of love, because if you say you love somebody, it simply means you are happy being with the person.

10.Love. Love makes the journey of marriage easier. Love turns bad song to good music. It makes acceptance, contentment, commitment and agreement easier. Love is needed in marriage.