Types Of Courtship


-Bisi Adewale

1.Wrong courtship. Courtship with an unbeliever, married man, divorcee, unsaved professing-Christian and one not based on God and love.

2.Nicodemus Courtship. (Secret courtship)

3.Purposeless courtship

4.Purposeful courtship

5.Carry-over courtship- Between lovers going out before they accepted Christ who continue with it after conversion.

6.Close courtship. Those involved in it don’t really know themselves.

7.Open courtship

8.Captive courtship- One of the partners dictates the affairs, shutting off other party

9.Turbulent courtship- Full of fighting, bickering, nagging, brawl, strife, malice, etc.

10.Filthy courtship. Involves sexual immoralities.

11.Pure courtship

12.Dry courtship- Courtship that makes both partners dry spiritually.

13.Balanced courtship. It is a pure, open, enjoyable and purposeful courtship.

14.Missionary courtship. This is when a Christian courts an unbeliever with the intention of converting the person before wedding.



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