By O.D Oluwasegun

Mrs. Johnson pleaded but they ignored her completely and took Ben away.

Mrs. Johnson got furious again. She made claims that Juliet was framing up against her son Ben.

She didn’t care the fact that Daniel was there, she kept on accusing her.

Daniel had enough of what Mrs. Johnson was doing. She was exaggerating too much.

Daniel then decided to put her on her toes since he now stood face to face with her and Jax.

“Mrs. Johnson, you always amaze me when you talk like that, perhaps since Jax is here, I guess this is the time for you to explain the churche’s money you have been paying into her account” Daniel said.

Their faces changed right away but they were saved by the bell.
The doctor came and interrupted their conversation.

“Mrs. Johnson” The Doctor called.

“Yes Doctor, how is she? She asked.

“unfortunately it was quite unpredictable, we didn’t see it coming, but we will do the best that we can” The Doctor said.

” Doctor, I don’t understand you, what are you really saying” Daniel interrupted and asked.

“Somehow, Juliet’s have a spinal cord problem which has affected her movement. We are still monitoring her situation, to see what we can do” The Doctor said.

“Doctor, can I see her now, please? Daniel asked.

“Am afraid no, but you can come around tomorrow morning, am sure it will have been better by then” The Doctor said and left them.

Daniel was so hurt upon hearing Juliet’s condition. Mrs. Johnson and Jax appeared to be concerned but Daniel made it obvious that he does not trust them.

“Are you happy now, you two did a very good job, but always remember that there is no place for darkness where light prevails” Daniel said and walked out on them.

Mrs. Johnson and Jax began to fear him, they planned on digging into his personal stuff, background and where he really comes from.

“Jax, I think you should follow him and get to know where he resides, he is on foot so you can catch up with him, hurry and follow him, I will meet you up at my house. ” Mrs. Johnson instructed Jax.

Jax did as she had said but to her surprise, Daniel was no where to be found. She asked some of her nurse colleagues but they said they haven’t seen him pass by.

That was strange, because Daniel just left their presence less than 3 minutes ago, how is it possible that there was no trace of him.

Both Mrs. Johnson and Jax left to their separate houses.

Mrs. Johnson called James to work out on the case of Ben with their personal lawyer.

Daniel on the other hand went to the station that evening to check on Ben. It was past visiting hours but somehow the authorities gave him the chance to see him.

From the look on Ben’s face you could tell that he had been crying thoroughly.

As soon as Ben saw Daniel, he was surprised to see him come alone. If anything at all, it should have been his mother. However he was just concerned about how Juliet was faring.
That was the first question he asked.

“Daniel, thanks for coming, how is Juliet doing? Ben asked.

“She is going to be fine, her situation is quite complicated, but trust my words, she is going to be fine, we just have to keep praying hard” Daniel advised and assured him.

“Hmm, its all my fault, its all my fault. I don’t think I’m worthy to come before the Lord, even to ask for forgiveness” Ben said.

“Ben, I know you have regretted your mistakes, just pray to God and ask for forgiveness. I think you should rather worry about the one who reported the case to the police” said Daniel.

” I really don’t know, I don’t know the people who James may have told this to, I don’t trust him so much when it comes to keeping secrets” Ben said.

” what if he was the one? ” asked Daniel

” Oh, that won’t be possible, I can bet my life on it. My brother can never do such a thing” Ben said.

“You think so? Be very careful, anyway, I will do my best to get you out of here in no time, all you need to do is to pray, and I’m certain everything will be OK” Daniel assured him and left the station.

Ben was however strengthened by the words of Daniel. He spent that praying and asking God for forgiveness.

Early next Morning, a young lady arrived at the hospital before visiting hours.

She was made to see Juliet since she was bringing her breakfast.

Juliet was awake when she came. She had never set her eyes on the lady before.

“Good morning Juliet, my name is Paulina, your mum asked me to bring you your breakfast” she said.

“How do you know my mum? Juliet asked.

“Am in the same church with you, you really don’t know me but I’m a very good friend to Ben and James” she said. Itinerary

Juliet was very easy to convince. The lady left the food there and went.

Juliet took the basket containing the food, opened it and began eating, forgetting to even pray.THE PAINS OF A LONELY HEART-Episode 18

Before she could think of finishing the whole meal, her tummy began grumbling. She was in severe pain. She shouted for help that got the attention of the nurses. Before they knew it, a white foamy substance was coming out of her mouth. Its seems Juliet has been poisoned.THE PAINS OF Ahhh LONELY HEART-Episode 18

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