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Tags Bedroom affair

Tag: Bedroom affair

How To Ignite Passion In Your Sex Life

15 Things Your Husband Wants In The Bedroom

In this section, I will open your eyes to what men generally want their wives do to them in the bedroom. This shall be narrow down to the specific needs of your husband which you need to know in order to give him the best so as to satisfy all his bedroom desires.

When is a Marriage a failure Pt 1

During a cross section of interviews with people on their definitions of a failed marriage, we were able to compile this list from the answers we gathered.

Sexual Immorality in Marriage

Sexual Immorality in Marriage People that involve in adultery do give their reasons for been sexually immoral, but all these reasons are wrong and untenable....

Sex In Marriage – 3 Kinds of Sex In Marriage

There are three major kinds of sexual activities that can take place between a man and his wife in the bedroom, the one you involve yourself in will determine whether you are an irresistible or not.
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