Money and a Stressful marriage Pt 2


Money and a Stressful marriage Pt 2

  1.      Dependency. For the female folk, some women are also unproductive. They are not “help meet”, but “help eat”. They depend on their husbands for everything including the purchase of mere handkerchief. That is totally wrong. Although in some parts of the world, a woman may not work but in this part of the world, women cannot afford to be lazy and dependent.

Solution: Get a job for yourself, no matter how little. There is dignity in labour

2.     Too Many responsibilities. When too many mouths are depending on a meager income, it will affect the home. Many families in Africa are suffering under this yoke.

Solution: build a family you can be responsible for. Personally, I suggest a maximum of three children per family. Don’t carry the load of your extended family on your head lest it breaks your neck. Seeking to satisfy everybody will only destroy your financial life.

3.     Financial Infidelity. Lack of faithfulness in financial matters in marriage is another pitfall in family success. When married people are fond of cheating on their spouses, giving secret support to their own family, stealing, lying, hiding new things bought without the knowledge of their partner, accumulating secret debt, making major purchases without informing their spouse, they are not financially intimate. The truth is if couples cannot agree in money, they will find it difficult to agree on other parts of their life.


Solution: Be totally faithful and open to each other. Don’t cheat on each other, be transparent and trustworthy.


Bisi Adewale is a family expert and president of college of marital success, He is an international conference speaker and an author of more than 52 books on marriage and family life, singles, love, sex and purity and intimacy. He is the host of family T.V. program called Family Booster Moments.

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