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Pastor Bisi Adewale is an International Conference Speaker on Marriage, Parenting and Family Life, He is the author of the bestselling books: Secrets of an Irresistible Wife, Parenting Teenagers, Parenting Boys, Parenting Girls and more than 100 other bestselling books on marriage and family life.
He is the president of Family Booster Ministries International which was established in 1999 to revive, remould, restore and rejuvenate all dilapidated homes,  to bring sons and daughters together in holy matrimony and to raise people for end-time revival using home units. He is the founder of College of Marital Success (CMS), Host of Family Booster Moments on TV, watched in many countries across the globe. 

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Bisi Adewale is an accountant by training, called and trained as a family minister. He is the host of the popular Lagos Couples’ Conference and Breakthrough for Singles & Married Summit.

Happily married with ‘Triple G’ Children to Yomi, a Fellow of the Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria (ICAN).
 He blogs daily at www.bisiadewale.com

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