– Bisi Adewale 

You need to learn to lift the spirit of your spouse. A depressed spirit is dangerous to its owner and the people around him/her.

A depressed spirit will not open up for romance. It takes a merry heart to enjoy romance.

To edify your spouse. be a source of inspiration. Be like Hur and Aaron that helped to lift the hands of Moses so that he could win the battle of life. Edify your spouse. Let me show you practical ways to do this:

  1. Magnify the good qualities of your spouse. Talk about it often, brag about it, flaunt it in both his presence and absence and say it to your children, to his/her friends and your friends.
  2. Make the irrevocable decision never to be critical again. Never condemn your spouse.
  3. Never compare your mate negatively with anybody.
  4. Never fail to compare positively.
  5. Celebrate his/her success lavishly; never see any success as little.
  6. Never blame him or her for his failure.
  7. Handle mistakes and errors in such a way that it will not dampen the spirit of your spouse.
  8. Study him/her, know the area of weakness, and know your area of strength. God brought you together to complement each other. Do everything to build him/her up without blaming or nagging.
  9. Never fail to recognize talents, abilities, and accomplishments.
  10. Communicate your respect and honour for the work he or she does.
  11. Trace the good habits you see in your children to him/her.
  12. Tell your children, “Daddy/Mummy is a wonderful man/woman.
  13. Remember his/her birthday and celebrate it lavishly.
  14. Let your mate always feel like somebody special.
  15. Wives, call your husband a real, hardworking, wise and focused man.
  16. Seek his opinion, value his judgment, and avoid arguing with him.
  17. Willingly follow his instruction with joy.
  18. Husbands: never admire any other lady when your wife is there. Even if you know the lady is beautiful, keep it to yourself.
  19. Praise the beauty and dressing of your wife always.
  20. Always make her feel younger. Never call her an old woman.
  21. Say how precious she is to you publicly and privately.
  22. Be playful with each other.
  23. Smile at his/her jokes
  24. Be very happy to welcome him/her back home. Lighten up, be happy, and shout for joy because he/she is back.
  25. Be polite to each other, be courteous.
  26. Treat each other as a VIP; never downgrade; never embarrass.
  27. Say positive things always. Appreciate everything, never threaten, abuse and curse. Settle misunderstanding without calling each other name.