Latest book: Transgenerational Parenting, How Christian Belief is Transferred


Book Review: Transgenerational Parenting, How Christian Belief is Transferred

Book Title: Transgenerational Parenting

Authors: Bisi and Yomi Adewale

Number of Pages: 128

Transgenerational parenting on jumia

Genre: Christian Literature

Publishers: Living Home Venture

Year of Publication: 2018

The book, Transgenerational Parenting, is divided into twenty-one chapters, with each chapter addressing the different aspects of transgenerational parenting. The first chapter of the book specifically defines the term, “transgenerational parenting.” In the second chapter, the facts about transgenerational parenting are well explored. The third chapter explores why transgenerational parenting is very important to people, especially to believers. In fact, every chapter in the book, Transgenerational Parenting, gives a fresh idea and insight into the discourse of Christian parenting. The twenty-one-chapter book summarizes the different layers of Christian parenting and it is hinged on seventy prayer bullets.

The picture on the cover-page of the book reflects the transgenerational progression in Christian belief that is attainable in the family life, especially when the family is brought forth in the way of the Lord. From the wrinkled hand that suggests old age to the child’s hand that suggests new age, there is the transfer of the Christian belief system. Besides, this Christian belief will take a deliberate act of faith, prayer, patience, labour and time by the parents before it can be transferred to the children. And then, the children will transfer it to their own children too. Now, that is the crux of the book, Transgenerational Parenting.

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The authors who have more than eighty titles, Bisi and Yomi Adewale, in this book Transgenerational Parenting, illustrate their stand on transgenerational parenting with the genealogical portrayal of Boaz and Ruth, of Abraham, of Lois and of Jesus. They posit that transgenerational parenting is the command of God because God himself is “transgenerational.” They succinctly capture it thus: “God is transgenerational. That is why he called Himself the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is the God of many generations.” (15). Therefore, since God is transgenerational, he expects his children who are parents to raise children that will “impact the world positively.”

Hence, to enjoy a lasting legacy of transgenerational parenting that stands in Christianity, parents should grab a copy of this enriched and informative book, Transgenerational Parenting, to learn how to parent a young child in the fear of the Lord. Besides, Christian parents, through this book, will have a solid grasp of the different aspects and patterns that parenting a child through the Biblical injunctions take.

In fact, this book stands as a leverage between the present evil world that is set to destroy the young child and the quest for experiencing true spiritual belief in Jesus.

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The Christian book, Transgenerational Parenting, with its practical illustrations and steps, will definitely redefine parenting amongst the children of God so that in essence, they will be like their father, God, who is transgenerational in nature. This book is clearly written in a clear simple English with illustrative personal experience of the authors’ childhood. The childhood experience of the authors is explored to drive home the need for transgenerational parenting in every Christian home.

This is a book that is hardly found on the shelf of most people. Therefore, for parents who want to experience transgenerational parenting, this book is a must!


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Latest book: Transgenerational Parenting, How Christian Belief is Transferred

Latest book: Transgenerational Parenting, How Christian Belief is Transferred


Book Review: Transgenerational Parenting, How Christian Belief is Transferred


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