Family Finance : How To Avoid January Cash-Crunch in Your Family


Family Finance: How To Avoid January Cash-Crunch in Your Family
– Pastor Bisi Adewale

To many people, January is always a long month. To them; days in January is 62, not 31, it is always the most difficult month of the year for many. This is because January involves financial difficulties which are not experienced in any other month of the year.
As this year is going to an end, I need to show you how to avoid what is popularly known as ‘JCC’ (January Cash Crunch). Note that you need not suffer in January; you can live in surplus throughout the year, January inclusive.

1. Most organization pays salary before December 24th of the month. Some organization pays their salary before December 20th so as to allow their staff shops for Christmas.
2. Most house-rent is due in December.
3. There are school fees to be paid in the first or second week of the month of January
4. December involves a lot of traveling as people travel from their cities to villages and vice versa.
5. Transport fare is known to go up in December, thereby forcing people to pay more to travel.
6. December involves festivals (Christmas and New year celebrations) that makes people spend lavishly.
7. Most organization pays end of the year bonuses and ‘ 13th-month’ salary; which makes people think they have enough money in their hands thereby spends carelessly; the kind of spending I love to call ‘rainfall spending’.
8. People that travel to their villages always want to ‘outshine’ their peers, family, relatives, and even enemies by spending lavishly.
9. People tend to drink and eat heavily during the festival season.
10. People tend to womanize and involve in immoralities during festivals than other period and December been a period of festivities encourage this and this involves spending of money.

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