3 Bedroom Secrets You Must Never Tell Your Husband
3 Bedroom Secrets You Must Never Tell Your Husband


  • Bisi Adewale

Bad characters also have a way of affecting the sex life of any couple. Here are some bad sexual characters you have to avoid.

  1. Sexual Infidelity. Adultery has become a regular occurrence in our society today. When people begin to nurture the idea that their spouses are not good enough for them in the bedroom. It eventually leads them to seek satisfaction outside.

      Solution: The truth is women or men are not different. You can get all the pleasure you seek outside at home. Condom cannot make sex with strange people safe, safe sex is only home.  Be content with your spouse and enjoy the presence and blessing of the Lord or safe sex.

  1. This is a burning and passionate desire to have sex with someone who is one’s spouse. It involves odd sexual fantasies that eventually consumes its victims. Lust is the mother of all other sexual sins and holds millions of people captive worldwide.
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       Solution: Confess lust as a sin and repent from it. Break contact with situations, people and environment that encourage you to lust. Then fill your heart with the word of God. This is when you can direct all your sexual thoughts and fantasies towards your spouse.

  1. This involves pictures, films that are indecent, unholy and unrighteous. It involves sexual erotic pictures or viewing of the private parts of an opposite sex who is not one’s spouse.

      Solution: Before pornography destroys your life, please destroy it. You may have to stay away from the internet for now. Don’t ever permit pornography to hold you captive. It is a bad habit.

  1. Masturbation is the act of using your hands or instrument made for that purpose to stimulate your sexual organs for sexual pleasure or enjoyment. Many people including worldly pastors may tell you that it is not a sin but they are totally wrong. Masturbation is a sin. It emanates from lust. You cannot masturbate without being lustful. It is not good for your spiritual or marital life.
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      Solution:  Deal with lust by avoiding those things that feed your lust. Ask God for help and to confide in someone. Then, surrender yourself for deliverance.

  1. This could be total or partial nakedness. Exposure of little or much area of your organs is a character flaws.

      Solution: Nudity is an ungodly habit and it is against the commandment of God. Dress up when going out, don’t “dress down”. Be a woman of God.

  1. This is punishment for your spouse. To be frigid means, you are not sexually attracted to your spouse. Your desire for sex is dead or was never there in the first instance.

Solution: Find the root of your frigidity. Psychological, medical, spiritual or emotional reason could be the cause. See experts who will help you before it destroys your marriage. Frigidity is not permitted in the bedroom of married couples.

  1. An abnormal desire for sexual intercourse on a daily basis or repeatedly at night or day is demonic. It is totally wrong.
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      Solution: Get to the root of this sexual problem. It is not natural, so seek spiritual help. Confess your sins to God and be delivered.