Dealing With Negative Personal Foundation

Dealing With Negative Personal Foundation

Dealing With Negative Personal Foundation

  • Bisi Adewale

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?(Psalm 11:3 KJV).”
Many people are suffering in their marriage today because of their foundation. It may be what their parents did wrong or what they failed to do. It may also be what someone did wrong when choosing a life partner or sinful lifestyles as singles.
I was to minister in a church some years ago. As I collected the microphone, I received the word of Knowledge that there was a lady in that meeting who made her man friend to sponsor her wedding. The man was even the chairman of her wedding reception. They slept together a day to her wedding.

The Lord said that was the cause of her barrenness. Though she was not a child of God when she was having her wedding, she was now born again. She was suffering because she didn’t confess her heinous sins to her husband.
Many marriages are in bad shape today simply because of bad foundations. You need to check your foundation and stop running from pillar to post. Let me mention some of the wrong foundations that may be hurting your marriage:

  • Sexual immorality before wedding
  • Pregnancy before marriage
  • Trial marriage and cohabitation
  • Demonic consultation when choosing a life partner
  • Fetish traditional marriage
  • Snatching your friend’s fiancé and fiancée
  • Neglecting God when choosing a life partner
  • Refusing to pay bride price
  • Not getting divine and pastoral blessing
  • Getting married to a divorcee
  • Becoming the second wife
  • Consulting witch doctors and demonic prophets
  • Demonic incantations during wedding
  • Getting married without parental blessing
  • Refusing to disclose secrets to your spouse
  • Marriage based on lies and deceit
  • Committing abortion
  • Sleeping with a married man as a single
  • Destroying someone’s marriage as a single
  • Stealing money to fund wedding ceremony
  • Refusing to pay debts incurred on wedding
  • Cheating widows and taking over their properties
  • Wrecking the homes of others
  • Committing incest
  • Jilting someone who is still hurt
  • Collecting money and gifts from men under the guise of marrying them
  • Stopping your spouse from taking care of his or her parent
  • Refusing to acknowledge God in your family

You need to check your foundation and see what is wrong with your family life.

It may be the real issue with your home.

1.    Father any evil foundation hurting my marriage, please deliver me from them in Jesus name
2.      Lord I acknowledge you as the Saviour of my home in Jesus name
3.      Every curse that has been placed upon me as a result of what I did unknowingly, father set me free now
4.      Lord I declare that the effect of my past deeds will not have any hold on my destiny again in Jesus name
5.      I repent of all my past evil ways now and I pray that Lord you will forgive me
6.      Afflictions attached to what I did as a novice, father deliver me from them now
7.      Every evil arrow threw into my life as a result of people I hurt in the past, father destroy them now
8.      I decree that every power that wants to hold me in bondage shall be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name
9.      Lord please step into my situation and set me free in Jesus name
10.  Let my glory be miraculously restored in Jesus name

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Dealing With Negative onal Foundation

Dealing With Negative Personal Foundation