I caught my wife sending her nude photos to another man. Please what should I do?


I caught my wife sending her nude photos to another man. Please what should I do?

If you found out that your wife had been cheating on you and had been sending nude photos to her lover, would you forgive her?

My name is Uche and I have been married to Rita for the past six years, with two kids, a boy and a girl.

 Though I cannot lay claim to being the best husband and father, I have never shirked in my responsibilities to my family, my wife especially. I work in a multi-media outfit that requires me to travel round the world and could be away for two to three months at a stretch, all in a bid to take care of my family and provide them with the best.

 Anytime I am home, I make sure I spend good time with them to make up for my absence. When my job demands became so strenuous, I advised Rita to resign from her job and I opened a boutique for her so that she would have more time for the kids.

 I did not know that I did the wrong thing because the boutique opened her up to meeting many people, including single women who became her friends and I believe, influenced her wrongly.

 You would not imagine that I stumbled on some nude photos she sent to a man. I had just returned to Nigeria from France where I had gone to represent my company in a conference and was relaxing in the sitting room while Rita was in the kitchen preparing lunch. Her phone was on the table when a message came in. I


 was not used to checking her phone by the way but that day, out of curiosity, I picked it up and it was a Whatsapp message that came in.

On opening it, I saw a text that read:

 Baby, I must confess that you are hot babe and I can’t seem to have enough of you. The last time was out of this world. When will hubby leave town again? I can’t wait to have you screaming under me in the usual way.’

 I did not know when I felt faint but I managed to scroll back to earlier exchanges and that was when I found out that my wife had been engaging in this extra-marital affair for many months and had sent more than 20 nude photos to the man.

 I was shocked and switched off the phone and left the house. When I came back, I asked her if she had any affair with another man and typically, she denied vehemently and even picked up a fight.

 When I showed her the screen shots I had made of the messages and the nude photos, she broke down and confessed that it was loneliness that led her into the scandalous affair.

She has been begging me to forgive her but how can I forgive a woman who went that far?


Dear readers, this is another case of gross infidelity, would you forgive a spouse who sends his/her nude photos to another person?


  1. Hmmmmm! I feel you my brother. I’ve been there and back. It’s hard to forgive, even harder to forget! In my case, the other guy was out of the country so I couldn’t arrive at whether anything happened between them. So I forgave her but she didn’t forgive herself! Every step or decision I make, she will say it’s because of what she did! Eventually we broke up. It was easy because we were just live-in lovers. It will be difficult to forget but try for the sake of the kids. If you can’t cope eventually, you know you have given it your best shot! I will say be careful the way you go about it, so that it doesn’t bounce back on you. Women easily forget their mistakes. When they are trying to cover up, they are vulnerable and are capable of doing anything.

  2. You love your work at the detriment of your marriage. How can a man go on business trip for three months at a stretch and leave a young woman all alone and you think opening a boutique for her will make up for her loneliness? O’ boy, it’s your fault. Not all the women can stay for so long a period without having Intercourse with a man. Put your family first, then everything will come back to normal. You can’t eat your cake and still have it.

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