By Ojo Oluwasegun A.

journey of no return4

(In Ayo and Nifemi’s bedroom, the couple are sleeping on the bed. Nifemi sleeps putting her legs on the wall beside the bed. A strange sound and voice of women rent the air. It is like some people are holding a night meeting. OLORI’S VOICE (the head of the group I heard) A JOURNEY OF NO RETURN

Olori’s Voice: I greet you greet members of this cult. You are all welcome

Voice of members: (Chorusely) Ye-e—-es. Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!

(Suddenly, an ANGEL come in, he wakes Ayo. Ayo sees the angel. He wants to scream. The Angel covers his mouth. The angel uses his hand to instruct him to face his wife and listen. Ayo looks towards his wife, He hears a voice. It is the voice of Olori).

Olori’s voice: Hun-un! ‘Burning Pepper’, how far have you gone on your assignment on Ayo your short-time husband?

Nifemi: (Speaks out with eyes closed) Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! I greet you Olori and my colleagues in the cult. As you know, myself and the meat which my trap has gotten, that is Ayo have gone to the altar. We got wedded some months ago. As promised, I will use him as a stepping stone to the downfall of his church. I will render him impotent. I will honour him with sickness. I will turn his business into ashes. Olori and my dear colleagus, it will interest you to know that I have collected the power of prayer from him. In fact, I allow him to go to church occasionally. Presently, I have perfected plans to poison his brain . I am also planning to destroy his properties and then crown it all with AIDS that will send him to the world beyond in our kingdom. I mean hell!! Yes! At least he was the one that said it was the Holy Spirit that showed me to him. Liar! He did not confess that it was my captivating voice and beauty that enticed him. I will render him useless before I kill him.


(Ayo is no longer comfortable with what he is hearing from Ayo. He wants to shout. He moves towards Ayo. But the Angel draws him back and gives sign to him not to talk. Fear and sorrow are already written on Ayo’s face. He is sweating profusely. The voice of Olori is heard)

Olori: Well done ‘Burning Pepper’. Be fast with the work because you will soon be sent to another family.

(Peter still wants to cry out but the angel stops him. The angel takes him back  to the bed and signals to him to sleep. Ayo sleeps reluctantly. The angel disappears. Later, Nifemi turns and put her legs on the bed. She opens her eyes, looks round the bedroom, looks at Ayo who pretends if he is sleeping. She adjust herself and sleeps. As she sleeps, Ayo speaks out).

Ayo: ( Beats Nifemi on the soulder) Sister Nifemi!!! Ha! So your name is ‘Burning Pepper? So you are not a bnormal human being? Ha! It never occurred to me that I married a witch. You are planning to kill me. Ha! God has exposed your evil plans. You will not succeed in these devilish plans on me in Jesus’ name.


Nifemi: (Face Ayo. Her eyeballschange) Hen-hen! So you have heard all that we discussed at the meeting? If that is the case, every intending utterance of the pig stays within the pig. It must not say it out. Therefore, you must not tell anybody what you saw or heard. If you dare tell it to anybody, you will be pronounced dead.

I don’t know why you are now shouting. Were  you not the one that received me from God? You said it was during seven days marathon fast  on the mountain that the Holy Spirit told you I am your wife. Shameless liar! You know it was not God, but self that took over your senses. You know it was sight deceit. Hen! Continue to enjoy all that are attached to sight deceit. Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! O ya, sleep. You must not forget to keep our secret, secret. Anything that eyes see, mouth must not utter it, or else…!

Ayo: (Stands up and laughs scornfully. He looks at Nifemi with disdain).

You are not serious. Who will keep your secret, secret. No secret. Listen and listen well, I will tell the whole world that you are a witch. Every member of the church will be informed that you are devil’s agent. Ha! Your secret is exposed. Witch! Witch!! Witch!!! (He claps on her head mockingly)
Nifemi: Hen-hen! So, you have decided to be broadcasting it abi? Hen! Sebi it is because you can talk. By the time you become dumb, you will know that I am not an easy being.


(Nifemi looks towards heaven, her eye balls change. She looks towards Ayo with the rolling eye balls. She moves near him and talks). The barking of dog cannot be interpreted in words (She touches Ayo’s mouth) let your voice cease. Any utterance of yours will be like a barking dog.

(Ayo tries to talk but instead of utterances, he starts to bark).

Ayo: (Barking like a dog) Gbo! Gbo!! Gbo!!! Hu! Hu!! Hu!!!

Nifemi: (Laughs scornfully) That is good. See, I have just started with you. I did not plan to make you dumb, you caused it. O ya sleep. Good night.

(Ayo sleeps reluctantly. Nifemi is ruminating on the happenings in her hear).

But how did this foolish man know happenings in the cult? It is not possible for any living creature to hear or see what goes on in our meetings or even wake-up during the hours of our meeting. I am surprised. But it served him right. I will show him that I am ‘Burning Pepper’

(Ayo too is ruminating on the happenings in his heart)

Ayo: (Ruminating inwardly) I am finished! I am in soup. Ha! Who am I going to cry to? God, save me!  Ha! I am in trouble.

To be continued….

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