Help: Can God ever forgive me for having multiple abortions?


Help: Can God ever forgive me for having multiple abortions?


My name is Omolara and I have been married for eight years now with no fruit of the womb to show for it. I am 37-years-old and age is gradually telling on me. I cry everyday and beg God to forgive my sins of the past and bless me with even one child.

But it seems all my prayers have been in vain because things are getting out of hand, with my husband, Akin and his family getting impatient with my childlessness. But who can blame them? Akin has been very supportive and despite pressure from his family to get another wife, he has stood by me but there is a limit to how long he can cope with the situation.

I must say I brought this predicament on myself because when I was much younger, I had committed a series of abortions and I think God is punishing me for the way I lived. When I was in the university, due to peer pressure, I engaged in what we called ‘Aristo’ now known as ‘Olosho’ or runs and in the process, I got pregnant about four times and removed them all.

The last one almost claimed my life and the doctor who treated me told me in clear terms that if I had another abortion, the chances of my getting a baby in future would be very slim. And since then, I was very careful and was always on preventive pills.


When Akin and I got married, we talked about having four children and we looked forward to welcoming our babies but now, that dream has become a pipe dream. A prophetess also revealed to me that I killed all the children I would have had and that the babies are angry with me and I would not have a child of my own.

I know there is nothing God cannot do as I have confessed all my sins and begged for His forgiveness but my situation still remains the same.

Is there anyone out there with a solution to my problems? I await your responses.


Please advice me

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