Help: Non of my four children belong to me. What should I do?


Help: Non of my four children belong to me. What should I do?

My name is Johnson, a 48-year-old civil servant living in Lagos. I have been married for 24 years now with four lovely children I believed were mine.

But it is now clear that they do not belong to me and my wife, Esther, must have been sleeping around with other men and planted the pregnancies on me.

Before I got married to Esther, she had claimed to be pregnant for me and since I did not want to have children outside of wedlock, we had to get married.

When she gave birth to our first child, a boy, I was over the moon with joy and vowed to give her the best I could.

 It took us about four more years before a second child, a girl came. I was so happy that I bought her a car and opened a business for her as a reward because my people were getting worried.

 Another three years passed before our second son came and then our last born, a girl after two years. We agreed to stop having babies so that we could give the four everything we could to make them comfortable.

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 The children went to the best schools and I did not spare any expense to make them comfortable and the cynosure of all eyes.

 But little did I know that I was raising other people’s children. The truth came four months ago when I needed blood transfusion following a surgery.

My wife and I do not have the same blood group, so it was just natural for my children to donate the blood but none of their blood groups matched mine.

 The doctor, a personal friend, did not find that funny and jokingly asked if he should conduct a DNA test on the children to which I agreed. I felt they were mine and the mismatched blood groups could just be a coincidence.

 But lo and behold, the DNA results showed that the four kids were not mine. Looking very worried, the doctor decided to run some tests on me as well and found out that I had a very low sperm count with a mere 11% chances of impregnating a woman.

 Since this revelation, I have been tempted to ask my wife who the real fathers of the kids were but I dread what the answers would be. Another reason is that I love the children so much and they see me as their only father and letting them know would really destabilize them.

 But I still feel they need to know at some point in time. I am still holding out on revealing the secret but for how long would I be able to withhold this?

Please I need your advice on what to do.


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